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The best way to Play Farkle: Guidelines, Gameplay & Scoring

The best way to Play Farkle: Guidelines, Gameplay & Scoring

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Farkle is a fun dice game for 2 or more players where players try to be the first to score 10,000 points by rolling different point-scoring combinations. On a player’s turn, they roll all 6 dice at once. In farcals, 1s are worth 100 points, 5s are worth 50 points, and 3s of a kind are worth 100 times the face value of the dice. For example, three squares are worth 400 points. Four of a kind is worth 1,000 points, 5 of a kind is worth 2,000 points, 6 of a kind is worth 3,000 points, 3 pairs is worth 1,500 points, 4 of a kind is worth 1,500 points, one to 1 A straight 6 in a roll is worth 1,500 points, and two three of a kind is worth 2,500 points. If a player scores points on a roll, they may set the point-scoring dice aside and re-roll the other dice. Players can choose how many point-scoring dice they want to set aside, but they must set aside at least 1 die to continue rolling. Players may continue to roll as long as they score and set aside at least one point scoring die per roll. However, if a player rolls and does not receive any points, they “farkle” and lose all points accumulated during that turn. Players may stop rolling at any point if they do not want to risk farkling and losing their points. If a player chooses to end their turn rather than continue rolling, they add any points they have accumulated so far to their score. If a player manages to score on all 6 dice, either all at once or in multiple rolls during the same turn, they have the option to re-roll all 6 dice and score more points. There is an option to continue doing. However, if they farkle at any point, they lose all their points from that series or roll as well as the first series of their rolls. For a player to appear on the score sheet and start accumulating points, they must first score at least 500 points in a single turn. After that, they can earn as many points as they want during a turn. Play continues clockwise around the table. The first player to reach 10,000 points wins the game! Scroll down to learn how to use strategy to decide whether to close the dice or continue when playing Farkle!

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