Who is Dan Mintz?


Dan Mintz, DMG, Valiant. The name seems to be everywhere lately. But who is Dan Mintz, what is DMG, and why is everyone talking about Valiant?

Let’s start with the man behind the business. DMG’s Dan Mintz is a big name in Hollywood right now. He is an executive, a director, a producer, film editor and cinematographer. Most importantly, he is the founder and CEO of DMG Entertainment.

Mintz founded DMG Entertainment in 1993 with two Chinese partners. For years, he traveled between Beijing and New York City, working as a television commercial director and producer. DMG has worked in advertising and marketing for years, also spanning the events and film industries.

As the DMG grew, so did its value. Dan Mintz steered the company to its successful, globally significant scale. When the company went public, it was valued at US$7 billion.

What does DMG Entertainment do

DMG began as a commercial production agency, but the company quickly grew to focus on more multimedia projects. DMG now also operates in the VR and gaming industries. The company has opened a subsidiary in virtual reality development, called Arcturus. This exclusive production team includes professional veterans from companies such as Pixar, DreamWorks, Google and YouTube.

DMG also has a hand in the live entertainment honeypot. Innovative projects such as The Marvel Experience and Transformers Live have allowed DMG to work with some of the world’s top brands. The Marvel Experience is a collaboration with Hero Ventures and Marvel Entertainment. The immersive experience takes place in a 360 degree stereoscopic full-dome projection theatre. Transformers Live is another unique experience that blends theater show, theme park attraction and action-adventure spectacle all in one.

Brave joins the team

now we have a better understanding of the DMG and Dan Mintz, we can understand why they wanted to acquire Valentine Comics. Valiant is one of the world’s leading comic book producers. Established in the late 80s and mostly active during the 90s, the company has more than 2000 characters in its arsenal.

DMG acquired Valiant in 2018 and immediately began planning the release of the first film to come from the Valiant world. bloody (2020) was the first story from the Valentine universe to be seen on screen. Vin Diesel played the lead role, his performance was critically acclaimed. The action was also praised, which is no surprise as Diesel was experienced with punches, and DMG favored action films like this one. iron Man 3 And kick ass.

The Future of Valiant and Dan Mintz

Dan Mintz Has Big Plans For Valiant And DMG, He has expressed his belief that Valiant Comics has the potential for Marvel and DC level success. He believes it can do even better. DMG is largely free from the heavy control of investors, and the characters from Brave Comics are more relevant to our modern world. In part, due to the era the comics were written in (90s) and partly due to the well-rounded characters.
we can expect to see forerunner, Archer and Armstrong, And Faith Upcoming movies


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