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Market Chief in Internet Accessibility

With more than 1.3 billion people with disabilities in the world, navigating the digital landscape can present unique challenges for them. From eCommerce sites lacking image descriptions to news outlets hosting videos without closed captions, these digital barriers often prevent individuals with disabilities from easily engaging in the online world, limiting their access to information, services and opportunities. Are. This disparity underscores the importance of web accessibility – the practice of removing digital barriers to ensure that everyone can navigate the internet easily and with improved usability.

Committed to its vision of making the Internet an accessible and inclusive place, AccessIB has developed an ecosystem of solutions that empower businesses and organizations of all sizes to make their online presence more user-friendly and accessible to all. makes.

What is digital accessibility?

It is an exercise to make it easier for persons with disabilities to access web-based services, their content and various other digital products, similar to the successful effort of a person without them.

However, it is true that web accessibility is focused on benefiting everyone. In fact, if your web content is accessible, it will improve the SEO (Google ranking) of your website. It makes a website easy to read by people and also easy to find by various search engines. When your website is easily accessible it enhances the user experience on your platform. Also, it makes your website accessible to more users thereby directing more traffic to your website.

However, these accessibility technologies are primarily designed to improve accessibility among users with disabilities. In other words, web accessibility focuses on designing for visually impaired users. In addition, it is also important to reach the needs of users with hearing impairments, cognitive disabilities, and neurological or physical disabilities.

For example, consciously thinking about the video by navigating your mind to understand it better. They have captions and transcripts to assist users with hearing impairments. Also, if you use simple and basic English, it is helpful for people who have cognitive or learning abilities. In addition, the use of cool colors helps to connect with people with mental health issues.

What is AccessB?

accessiBe is a leading company dedicated to developing solutions that will make the Internet an inclusive place. Combining the strengths of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision technologies, as well as top industry experts, ACCESSIB offers a wide range of tailor-made web accessibility solutions for various organizations and businesses looking to enhance their online presence by creating a more user-friendly environment. want to separate. -Friendly and accessible experience for all.

How does AccessWidget work?

accessWidget, an AI-powered tool that aims to simplify the process of making a website accessible and meets international standards set by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) . The solution consists of two applications that synergistically improve the user experience for persons with disabilities.

  • The first application covers the accessibility interface, addressing modifications related to the UI and design.
  • The second application includes an AI-powered process responsible for improving compatibility with assistive technologies such as screen readers and keyboard navigation.

After installation, AccessWidget requires up to 48 hours to make a website accessible and ADA-compliant, while improvements are made every 24 hours to help ensure ongoing accessibility.

Benefits of using AccessWidget

A wide user base, loyal customers with accessibility as their priority, better SEO and user-experience, good branding and reputation are some of the advantages of including AccessWidget in a website. Here are some other benefits for businesses:

Reaching a Wider Audience:

By enhancing website accessibility, businesses can attract a larger user base and convert them into loyal customers, including 1.3 billion people globally and 1 in 4 Americans living with a disability.

Improving Brand Reputation:

By adopting inclusivity, businesses reflect a positive perception among consumers while demonstrating social responsibility.

mitigate risk:

While AccessWidget cannot ensure complete protection from legal proceedings, it is an important step in prioritizing site accessibility while also removing the possibility of ADA websites being linked to lawsuits.

Setting up a budget-friendly solution:

accessiBe offers subscription options for AccessWidgets to suit different business sizes and sectors, making web accessibility affordable for all.

Lowers the cost of housing:

When customers choose accessible options it becomes easier to integrate into future living spaces.

Saves time and effort:

The rules are easy to grasp and apply with the guidance of trial lawyers. Thereby saving time and effort for small businesses and helping them become self-sufficient.

What web accessibility practices should a website follow?

acessiBe provides a range of solutions to develop website accessibility for your business. Additionally, there are several practices that a website must follow;

Use an inclusive language:

To make your website more accessible, you need to incorporate the right language elements, such as using simple words and grammar. However, this doesn’t negate the importance of using effective language in a way that easily conveys your message to your intended audience.

For example, use first person language. You can start by describing a person, explaining their characteristics, and more.

Include meaningful links:

Do you know that it is very important to describe your links accurately? For example, if you describe it as “open,” “more,” etc., they are likely to act as vague, because they don’t provide the appropriate information mentioned.

Additionally, it is a great option to communicate the format of the download, be it Word, PDF, etc.

Avoid using images of text:

Images become blurry when text is zoomed in. So it’s a good idea to avoid them, especially when you know that people with visual impairments may not be able to access the image by adjusting the font size or making other accessibility optimizations.

Include appropriate image description:

Did you know that image descriptions or alternative text (Alt. txt.) are useful for describing what is happening in the image? In fact, they are very useful for visually impaired users.

However, the image alt. Basic lesson. Many website builders (or CMS) automatically include this when uploading, but it’s important to keep an eye on it. You should make sure to add alt . txt. When uploading an image expand any functionality to convey it and increase your SEO score.

Make your website easy to navigate:

Have you ever come across a website with a bad interface? Well, you can relate to the level of frustration you feel when you are unable to navigate to the information. Now, imagine how difficult it must be for users who use assistive technologies.

It “saves time for users by doing”skip navigation,” if your website has appropriate navigation landmarks.

Why choose AccessIB for your website accessibility needs?

accessiBe stands out as a leader in web accessibility for several key reasons:

Ubiquitous Ecosystem:

accessiBe offers a suite of products and services, including accessWidget and accessFlow, addressing diverse access needs.

AI-powered technology:

By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, AccessiBe provides cutting-edge solutions that evolve and adapt to the dynamic world of web accessibility.

Dedication to Inclusivity:

The company’s mission to streamline website accessibility for all aligns with the core belief that web accessibility is fundamentally the right and appropriate course of action.

Complimentary Auditing Tools:

accessiBe offers accessScan, a free tool for evaluating website accessibility, which enables companies and organizations to assess their current compliance levels.
in conclusion, AccessiBe emerges as the top choice for businesses seeking web accessibility solutions that prioritize inclusion and inclusivity. By investing in AccessiBe’s range of products and services, businesses can create a more accessible online experience for all users, Promoting a more inclusive and connected digital world,


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