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Learn how to Make Your Coronary heart Really feel Completely happy

Learn how to Make Your Coronary heart Really feel Completely happy

Are you looking for a way to put yourself in a good mood and chase that warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart? Happiness makes you feel so fulfilled, and there are tons of easy things you can do each day to help you chase that feeling. It all starts with becoming aware of the people, places, and things that bring you joy, and then incorporating moments when you access those people, places, or things daily.[1] Keep reading for all the best ways you can add a little boost of happiness to your day!

This article is based on an interview with our clinical psychologist, Sirvart Mesrobian.


[Edit]Jam out to your favorite song.

  1. Singing and dancing help you let go of negative thoughts. Whenever you’re feeling down, distract yourself with the music you love.[2] Crank up the volume on some upbeat tunes, and don’t be afraid to sing along at the top of your lungs. Dance along to the beat and let go of all the negative energy you have.
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    • Make a playlist filled with songs that make you feel good so you can turn it on whenever you need a boost.

[Edit]Look at a happy picture.

  1. A photo reminds you of good times and helps you beat stress. It could be a picture of your family, a place you’ve traveled, or a fun activity you did. Whenever you need a quick pick-me-up, take a quick look at the photo and remember the happiness you felt when it was taken to relive the feeling.[3]
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    • Swap the picture out for a different one every few weeks so the happy feeling you get from looking at it doesn’t wear out.

[Edit]Watch a funny show or movie.

  1. Anything that makes you laugh is sure to brighten your mood. Laughing makes you feel less stressed and improves your self-esteem, so sit down to enjoy one of your favorite comedies. Even a quick laugh from a silly YouTube or TikTok video can cheer you up and make your day better.[4]
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[Edit]Take a walk through nature.

  1. Getting outside relieves stress and makes you feel relaxed. Try to find some quiet and relaxing green space where you can quietly surround yourself with nature. Just a leisurely 20-minute walk is enough to make you feel soothed and less likely to dwell on your negative thoughts.[5]
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    • If you live in an urban area, look for a nearby park or hiking trail where you can spend your time.

[Edit]Get yourself a small gift.

  1. A little retail therapy gives you a quick rush of happiness. Get yourself a candy bar as you’re checking out at the store, a small piece of decor for your place, or a coffee after a long day. Even if the feeling is temporary, it’s still nice to treat yourself every now and then with something you’ve had your eye on.[6]
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    • Try getting a gift for someone else that you care about since that can make you feel even more fulfilled.
    • Check your budget before making any big purchases since spending too much could make you stressed out.
    • Purchasing too much can turn into another form of stress.


  1. Smiling releases hormones that naturally make you feel happier. Even if you aren’t in the best mood, you can fake it just by flashing a quick smile. As soon as you smile, your body is hit with dopamine and serotonin that give you a rush of happiness.[7]
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    • Practice smiling more throughout your daily life. Smile as you walk past a stranger to share your good mood with other people.

[Edit]Add a fun hobby to your routine.

  1. Following your passions every day makes life feel meaningful. Try to squeeze in a few minutes every day to do the things you enjoy or practice talents that you want to improve on. Even a little bit of effort toward the things you love can go a long way to add some happiness to your day and make your heart feel full.[8]
    Make Your Heart Feel Happy Step 7.jpg
    • Some things you could try include arts and crafts, playing an extracurricular sport, reading a book, or learning a new skill.
    • Engaging with something you love lets you immerse yourself and get into a happy flow state.[9]

[Edit]Give yourself positive affirmations.

  1. Listing what you like about yourself reminds you of your best qualities. Brainstorm all of the things that make you unique and the things you’ve done that make you feel proud. Write your affirmations down so you can look back on them whenever you need. Some good things you can write down could be:[10]
    Make Your Heart Feel Happy Step 8.jpg
    • “I am not my mistakes.”
    • “I am stronger than what people think of me.”
    • “I have amazing friends and family that care about how I’m doing.”

[Edit]Keep a daily journal.

  1. Writing about how you feel makes you more mindful of your emotions. Set aside 15 minutes of your day to journal about what happened during the day and how you felt about it. Try to express how you truly feel and reflect on the situation so you can process the day’s events clearly.[11]
    Make Your Heart Feel Happy Step 9.jpg
    • One exercise you can try is writing a short entry about any struggles you faced during the day from your perspective. Then, try writing how you would encourage a friend going through the same situation.

[Edit]Work toward a goal each day.

  1. Making progress toward a goal helps your day feel more fulfilling. In the morning, take note of your mood and energy levels and decide on something you can accomplish for the day. You can set a goal that’s short-term that you can finish during the day, or take baby steps toward a long-term goal. Some goals could be:[12]
    Make Your Heart Feel Happy Step 10.jpg
    • Walking 10,000 steps
    • Making progress on a personal project
    • Trying a new activity
    • Following a budget

[Edit]Have an optimistic outlook.

  1. Focusing on the positives in your life drives away negative thoughts. When you reframe your perspective and stay optimistic, it’ll be easier to recognize the things that make you happy. When you’re faced with a situation, think about the best thing that could happen so you have something positive to look forward to.[13]
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[Edit]Look for the beauty in the world.

  1. Taking a moment to notice the details makes you feel more grateful. Take a moment to observe all of the things in your surroundings and appreciate them. Even the smallest parts of your life have something beautiful to find if you look hard enough.[14]
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    • You might focus on a flower that’s growing outside your home, the sunset at the end of the day, or a view you have from your window.
    • Step outside at night and stargaze to see the beauty of the night sky.
    • Visit an art museum and focus on the details of the pieces you like.
    • Focusing on an object helps you see details you would have missed at first glance. A painting may look beautiful at first, but you’ll appreciate the brushstrokes and how the colors play off of one another if you spend some more time checking it out.

[Edit]Reach out to your friends or family.

  1. Connecting with your loved ones makes you feel positive and secure. The people you care about the most know how to make you happy and you’re probably smiling just thinking of the good times you’ve shared. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone to hear their voice and ask them how they’re doing.[15]
    Make Your Heart Feel Happy Step 13.jpg
    • If you can’t hop on a call, just shoot them a text to maintain your bond with them.
    • Go out for dinner or drinks with your friends so you can catch up face to face.

[Edit]Surround yourself with people similar to you.

  1. You’ll develop strong friendships when you share the same interests. Talk to the people in your friend group that like the same things you do and spend more time with them. If you share an interest that you can bond over, you’ll have something that you can always talk about and relate to with one another.[16]
    Make Your Heart Feel Happy Step 14.jpg
    • Use an app like Meetup to find hobby groups and clubs in your area filled with people that are interested in the same things as you.
    • You can also look on social media sites like Facebook to find groups and a community of people with the same interests.

[Edit]Celebrate other people’s accomplishments.

  1. You’ll share the joy when you’re excited for the people you care about. If someone you know just accomplished something or reached a big milestone, congratulate them and share their excitement. Ask questions about what happened and express how excited you are for them, and their happiness will rub off on you too.[17]
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[Edit]Stop comparing yourself to others.

  1. Recognizing your unique qualities gives you more self-confidence.[18] Rather than comparing yourself to someone else, make a comparison to a past version of yourself. Look at all the ways that you’ve changed and grown in to the person you are now.[19] Take a moment to reflect on the things that make you stand out from the crowd.[20]
    Make Your Heart Feel Happy Step 16.jpg
    • Remember that people only show off their best selves and you never know what experiences they have going on behind the scenes.

[Edit]Offer a helping hand.

  1. Showing your generosity makes you happier than acting selfishly. When there are opportunities to help out a friend or loved one, step in and see what you can do. When you put someone else before yourself, you get a rush of happiness even if you aren’t getting anything from the person in return.[21]
    Make Your Heart Feel Happy Step 17.jpg
    • Just promising to help someone out and be generous is enough to boost how you’re feeling.


  1. Helping others out gives you a chance to do something meaningful. If there’s a cause or organization you’re passionate about, check for volunteer opportunities for a way to get more involved. Try to find a way to assist the cause that fits in with your strengths so you can do the most to contribute and give back to your community.[22]
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[Edit]Declutter your home.

  1. Decluttering helps you let go of things that don’t bring you joy. If you’re stressed out from all of the things you have, set aside time every day where you can declutter and organize your space. Start with something small, like picking things up off your floor and putting things away that are out in the open.[23]
    Make Your Heart Feel Happy Step 19.jpg
    • Decluttering your entire home all at once might be intimidating, so start by completing tasks that will take you 1 minute or less to do to feel like you’re making progress.
    • If you see something that doesn’t make you feel truly happy, then it’s a good sign that you should donate or get rid of it.


  1. Staying active gives you a rush of endorphins that make you feel happier. If you have 15 minutes free during the day, that’s enough time to work out and boost your mood.[24] A brisk walk, lifting weights, or doing simple bodyweight exercises are all enough to raise your self-esteem and improve how you’re feeling.[25]
    Make Your Heart Feel Happy Step 20.jpg
    • Try working out in 5- or 10-minute chunks if you only have a little bit of free time during the day.
    • Ask a friend to be your workout buddy so you have someone to spend time with while you exercise.


  1. Regular meditation relieves anxiety and helps you feel content. If your mind is racing and you need a moment of calm, try practicing meditation every day to process your feelings. Just find a quiet and relaxing spot where you can focus on your thoughts and how your body feels so you can release all of your tension.[26]
    Make Your Heart Feel Happy Step 21.jpg
    • Try downloading Headspace on your phone if you want to follow along with calming guided meditations every day.[27]
    • If you want simple guided meditations and relaxing soundscapes, try the Calm app.
    • You can use the Healthy Minds Program app to get free guided meditations focused on awareness and connection.
    • With practice, you will be able to access blissful emotions such as empowerment, gratitude, and a feeling of wholeness during meditation.[28]

[Edit]Get 7–8 hours of sleep.

  1. You’ll be in a better mood and feel motivated after a good night’s sleep. Sleep isn’t just good for a healthy body, but it’s important to keep your mind healthy too. Try to go to bed at a reasonable time so you can get quality sleep. When you wake up, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day.[29]
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    • Make your room as dark and quiet as possible and avoid using electronics right before you fall asleep.[30]

[Edit]Talk with a therapist.

  1. A therapist can talk you through tough situations that bring you down. If you’re going through a hard time in your life and it’s hard to find happiness, you don’t have to face it alone. Therapists will listen to the issues you’re facing and offer helpful insight and advice on what you can do to make changes to destress and live a happier life.[31]
    Make Your Heart Feel Happy Step 24.jpg
    • BetterHelp is a great option for trying online therapy since you can talk with a licensed therapist over text, audio, or video chat.

[Edit]Eat healthy meals.

  1. Eating a balanced diet is good for your body and boosts your self-esteem. Try to fill your diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains to give your body enough energy during the day.[32] Since you’re eating healthily, you’ll feel good about what you’re putting in your body and feel happy that you’re taking care of yourself.[33]
    Make Your Heart Feel Happy Step 22.jpg



  • If you’ve been sad for a while or felt down, uninterested in things you used to enjoy, you may be depressed.


[Edit]Quick Summary

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