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How to make flowers with baby socks

How to make flowers with baby socks

Recycle those unwanted baby socks into cute little flowers, or turn new ones into gorgeous bouquets of baby flower socks to gift.


[Edit]making flowers

  1. Choose baby socks or socks to make a flower or bunch of flowers. If using used socks, clean them first.
    • If making a bouquet of baby socks for a gift, choose colors that go well together.
  2. Place the sock on a flat, clean work surface.
  3. Take the toe of the sock and fold it over slightly. Then start rolling the socks up one roll. Do not make it too tight or too loose.
    • As you roll, the toe should move past the edge of the sock.
  4. Roll twice more. Three rolls should be enough to make a flower shape out of a small child’s sock, but judge this by the size of the sock you’re working with. There should be a small amount of sock fabric between the last roll and the opening of the sock.
    • Again, roll neither too tight nor too loose.
  5. Pinch the rolled part of the sock with your fingers. Now open the sock, and as you do this, twist it around the rolled part of the baby’s sock. The sock opening should swallow the rolled portion about halfway up, with the top half of the roll poking out, resembling flower petals emerging from a bud.
  6. Gently pull the rolled portion up slightly. This will give more height to the flower. Proportion it properly by making adjustments.
  7. Push a length of floral wire or straw into the base of the flower sock. Grab the end of the rolled part. Wrap several times to keep it in place.
    • It’s important to push the wire up high and wrap it around a well-grounded part of the rolled up part of the flower; Otherwise, the rolls will be out of shape.
    • Be careful not to catch the fabric of the sock as you twist the wire into place.
  8. Finish by wrapping florist’s tape around the outer base of the flower sock. Wrap from the base of the sock down, covering the entire length of the wire stem you’ve chosen. (Alternatively, use a green pipe cleaner for part of the stem and attach with florist’s wire; that way, you only have to take the florist’s tape over the wire and attach to the pipe cleaner. )
  9. Make more baby sock flowers if you wish. You will probably find that it has taken you some time to complete. Practice a few more times before deciding if you want to try making a whole bunch. If you do, proceed to the next step.
    Make Flowers From Baby Socks Step 9 Version 2.jpg

[Edit]turning baby socks into flower vases

  1. Make enough baby sock flowers to make a bunch or bouquet. For a good bundle, a dozen is probably a good amount to make; That’s six pairs of socks, which is plenty for a nice baby shower gift.
  2. Decide how you will display them. It could be in a vase, stuck in a foam square, sitting on top of a bundle of wrapped diapers, etc.
    • If you opt for a beautiful vase, it can be a gift for parents, while a more simple option like a gift box can be beautifully covered and used as a storage box for socks when in use. can work in You can also print “socks” on the side of the box.
  3. Place baby sock flowers in the chosen pot. Arrange neatly to look like a bunch of flowers. You may need to use wire, ribbon, etc. to hold them in place, or you can even use florist’s foam and slide them into it to stand them firmly in place.
    • Colored glass balls or marbles can be used to hold the stems inside a container such as a vase; Match them with sock flower colors.
    • Add real greenery if desired. Baby’s breath, fern leaves, pussy willow etc look wonderful interspersed with baby sock flowers.
    • An alternative option to placing in a container is to wrap the stems in a receiving/baby blanket to look like the paper florists use to wrap around flowers. Be sure to add a bow to complete the look and keep the folded blanket in place.
  4. Add gift cards to the bouquet. Finish with a bow or similar embellishment.
  5. End.
    Make Flowers With Baby Socks Step 14.jpg



  • Avoid using baby boots; They do not curl well to form flowers.
  • Your first tries may not be great; Just keep practicing till you get it.

[Edit]Things you’ll need

  • baby socks
  • Florist or floral wire (you may prefer to use a green pipe cleaner (chenille stick) for the actual stem, and only use the wire around the sock)
  • florist’s tape


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