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How to generate, find and scan Spotify codes?

How to generate, find and scan Spotify codes?

My friend and I have similar musical tastes, so I made a playlist on Spotify and shared it with her. Now we can both groove to our favorite songs together thanks to this incredible feature of Spotify where we can scan the Spotify code and share songs and playlists with our friends and family.

I think it’s the cross-platform availability that has gotten Spotify to about 456 million monthly active users in such a short amount of time. While you can easily choose the Spotify Scan Code option, the Spotify QR Code Generator is also a sneaky way to generate one.

So if you are here looking for ways on how to find Spotify code or how to scan Spotify code with phone, then you have surely landed at the right stop. Here I have accumulated everything related to it and how you can get it.

What are Spotify codes?

Before we go ahead, it is important that we understand what Spotify codes are and how they work. This is a feature that allows the user to share songs, artists, playlists, podcasts, or even local files added to your Spotify via shareable images; It is just like Instagram QR code where you can simply scan the code and get access to the user’s profile. Similarly, users can generate QR codes for their Spotify songs, playlists or artists and share them with their friends to give them access to the same.

For this, all you need is your Spotify mobile app and the right method for the Spotify scan code process. So let’s go ahead and learn how to generate Spotify code.

How to generate Spotify code on mobile app?

Before we hope to learn how to find Spotify codes or scan Spotify codes with a phone, let’s learn how to generate Spotify codes so we can share them with other users:

  • Launch Spotify app on your mobile device to get started.
  • Find the item you want to shareThis can be a song, artist, playlist or even a podcast.
  • click on Three point to see more options.
    click on three dots
  • There, on the next screen, you’ll see the Spotify code, on the next screen, you can Tap on the code to save it, or you can take a screenshot of it Too.
    the code

Now you can share with other users the image you just took, and they can have access to it in no time. But you might also be wondering how to generate a Spotify code. So let’s go ahead and learn how to create Spotify codes on the web.

How to create Spotify codes on the web?

I know you’re thinking that you just learned how to get codes from the Spotify mobile app, but by creating one, you can also customize it however you like and want. You can create a high-resolution image for the same where you can also customize the background as per your choice; Exciting, isn’t it? So let’s learn how to create and share a Spotify code from the web.

Get Spotify URL from the Web

To start the process, you’ll need to have the Spotify URL of the item you want to share. You can easily copy the URL from the Spotify desktop app. This way:

  • Visit the Spotify Desktop App and click on Three point Available on the right.
    click on three dots
  • From there click on Share option and then on copy song link Option.
    Click on copy song link

Now that you have the URL copied to the clipboard, move on to the next section to know the next steps.

How to create a spotify code?

The next step in the process of how to get a Spotify code by generating a code via the web is pasting the URL you received into the Spotify code generator site. This way:

  • to visit spotify code Website.
  • There, on the homepage itself you will have the option paste link to generate the code.
  • Once done, click on Get Spotify Code,
    Click on Get Spotify Code
  • you can even Choose background design and color to code and customize it as you wish.
    Choose background color and design
  • Once you’ve done all that, Choose image format from jpg, png and svg,
  • Finally, Click on download And you’re all done.
    click on download

Now you can share the code where users can scan the Spotify code online and get access to their interesting playlist or song. And now, let’s move to the last step, learn how to get Spotify code and how to scan Spotify code.

How to scan Spotify code?

Just as it was easy to create one, scanning a Spotify code is also easy. Once you’ve created a Spotify code, here’s how to use it:

  • Go to Spotify App on your Android or iOS device to get started.
  • click on the search bar from there, and you’ll see a camera optionsClick on it to proceed.
  • Now scan spotify code You just created or took a screenshot. If you have the image on the same device you are using now, you can also Find the same from the device’s gallery And then scan it.
  • Once the code is scanned, you will be instantly taken to the artist or playlist page of the song and start streaming it.
    Go to the search bar and click on Camera option

That was all a lot about the Spotify code generator and how to use the Spotify code. You must have heard the phrase, ‘Sharing is caring’ so what are you waiting for? Now you have everything, along with this guide to help you with Spotify Scan Code Online; Start sharing your playlists with your friends and have them ask for theirs.

questions to ask

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Spotify QR code generator and how to get it:

Answer: Spotify doesn’t notably have a QR code scanner, but there is a camera located on the app’s search bar that you can use to scan a Spotify code and access songs, artists, playlists or podcasts shared by others. Can get it.

Answer: The Spotify code has a distinctive rectangular shape. Without this no one will be able to scan the code. There could be another reason why Spotify is not working that you need to fix.

Answer: Yes, Spotify codes are available for premium as well as free users.



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