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How one can Select the Greatest Brokers: Specialists’ Suggestions by Merchants Union

How one can Select the Greatest Brokers: Specialists’ Suggestions by Merchants Union


Earning money has always been a dream for the human population. Some of us achieve the heights of the sky, while some of us stay on the ground and cry for our luck to work for us. The decision is totally up to you. There are various practices involved in making money. Businesses, services, manufactured, and what not. You should never be afraid to try new things and diversify your pursuits. Who knows what gives you glory?

If you have ever looked for ways to create passive income or get higher returns on investments, you must have heard about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, trading etc. It is true that you can get an impressive amount of profit through this option. However, to enter this sector, you will need to contact a broker.

But the problem is that there are many fish in the pond, so how to choose the right fish for you? Traders Union has identified how to choose the best binary options broker and created a rating of the top companies. With the expert guidance provided by Traders Union, users can make informed decisions to enhance their trading journey.

Giving this discussion a head start, we’ll begin with bullet points that you should keep in mind before hiring an intermediary for you.

How to choose the best binary options broker?

Ever since the US government gave the green light to the regulations for binary trading, there has been a flood of online brokers for those who dream of becoming investors in the near future. You are lucky that you have met us to show us the right path.

Broker’s Credibility

You should not be soft when choosing a binary options broker. These are hard-earned money that you are going to invest by trusting someone’s skills. The finance industry is plagued by numerous frauds day by day. Therefore, the governments of different countries set up some regulatory bodies to eliminate any chance of fraud in their respective countries.

Make sure that your binary options broker is certified by those bodies. CySEC, SEBI, ASIC, and many other agencies are some examples of these bodies. They have the authority to set up rules and regulations for the operations that will be carried out throughout the trading process, and you should only trust brokers that are affiliated with them.

customer service

Customer service plays an important role as it is the only link between you and your broker. In case of any unfortunate incident, or even if you are stuck in some problem, there should be an expert team that can rescue you from the miseries. The service should be able to solve all the issues that the consumer may have.

Also, there should be proper contact details informing you how you can reach the officials who have been assigned your duty. Trading and investing is a long process and requires patience over the years. So, if the customer care service is not friendly to you or you feel unsatisfied with their service, then you should not choose that binary option for yourself. Explore the internet and find one that suits you and your needs.

Compare Bonus

Every booking platform offers some bonuses and incentives to attract customers. The terms and conditions also differ with different platforms. For example, Firm A offers a $5 bonus to those who are investing through their platform for the first time, while Firm B offers a $10 bonus. The sole aim here is to attract more and more investors towards their platform.

These incentives and bonuses can add up to a huge amount in your account. Apart from this, the fee they charge on each benefit or transaction also varies according to their terms and conditions. Here are some things you should pay attention to:

  • opening balance
  • Bonus
  • Incentives
  • deposit bonus
  • Referral Bonus (if any)

age of binary broker

Let us understand this issue with an example. Let’s say you are in a situation where you have to delegate your work to one of your employees. One of them is an experienced, 2 or 3 times employee of the month. While on the other hand, there is a new employee with minimum experience of few months.

Now the deciding factor will be how much importance the assignment holds. The same goes for choosing a binary options broker for yourself. Obviously, since your hard-earned money is involved with the work, which can share utmost importance for you, you should give that money to a reputed and experienced firm.

However, if the amount is not that huge, you can opt to take a risk and give a chance to the young firm to showcase its talent.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

When you visit your broker’s website or download their platforms on your mobile devices, there is always a section dedicated to reviews of their website that showcase their positive side. We recommend that you independently do some research on the Internet and then find an option for yourself. You can find many lists that rank binary options brokers based on their service and customer reviews.

Also read their terms and conditions and customer feedback to know about their functionality.

These were some important aspects that you must keep in mind before finalizing any one for yourself. Don’t be in a hurry to make decisions, as trading and investing involves a lot of risk. In the next section, we will list some of the best players in the market from which you can choose for yourself.

best binary options broker


Kotex is a popular brand in binary options trading. You can visit their website or do independent research on them to know more about their terms and conditions.


IQcent is currently leading the market for binary traders as its name carries a huge reputation. It can diversify your portfolio with amazing returns and gains. Their easy-to-use and excellent customer service makes their customer completely satisfied and happy. Their users get access to the following instruments, including binary options, CFDs on stock indices, gold, silver, currencies, cryptocurrencies and many more.


This is one such volatile arbitrage website which includes brokers and related services. There you get training, analysis and customer support. Furthermore, Binomo is regulated by the Financial Commission. Using Binomo, you can evaluate the real market situation and find out the risk level.

video forex

WeedForex is an international Forex broker. There, you can trade in the Forex market all over the world. On top of that, you’ll receive over 100 tools and learn ways to generate passive income. This company controls the user’s activity and secures personal data. Lastly, forex brokers offer a variety of methods for depositing and withdrawing funds.


race option; A binary broker that includes international financial services. There you will find optimal trading conditions for assets and binary options for making money. In addition, you can have access to referral programs and bonuses. RaceOption’s broker organizes trading competitions among traders on a regular basis.




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