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All About Snapchat: A Complete Snapchat Guide

All About Snapchat: A Complete Snapchat Guide

Snapchat has been a very popular app among everyone for quite some time now, and there is hardly anyone who does not know about the app. One of its many other great features is its filters. Snapchat went by storm after its “dog filter” was used by nearly every other person on social media. And hence, there are many people who want to keep up with the latest trends and want to be a part of the app right now. Because it’s better late than never, right?

However, there are some who have a hard time understanding how the app works, so we are here to lay it all out for you! In this article, we’re going to explain every issue related to Snapchat – from signing in to the app to mastering it! So now, let’s get right into it!

What is Snapchat and how to create an account on it?

Even though there are many people who know about Snapchat and have an account on the app, there are others who do not know how to create an account on Snapchat. And so, here are the steps for that:

  • search for Snapchat on the App Store.

Comment: If you’re an Android user, you’ll need to search for Snapchat on the Play Store. We are providing the steps here for iOS users.

  • then tap establish.
  • Open it after it is installed successfully.
  • Then click on Sign up,
  • Now, enter your name and then a username.

Comment: Choose your permanent username, as you can’t change it later.

  • log in Password that you will easily remember.
  • After that, enter a valid email address and your date of birth.
  • When you are done with filling the details, tap on Sign up and continue,

And that’s it, guys! Now after successful confirmation of your registered number and email, your Snapchat account will be created.

How to log in to Snapchat?

There’s an easier way to log into Snapchat. If you want to join the Snapchat gang, it’s not too late! All you have to do is follow the steps given below:

  • open Snapchat Or download If you haven’t installed it.
  • tap now log in And enter your account credentials.
  • tap on log in And all!

After successful login you will be asked if you want to save your “Memories” to Camera Roll as well, or just the Memories section.

What are Snapchat streaks and how to start making them?

After you have successfully set up your account on Snapchat, and you want to know what are Snapchat streaks, all you need to do is keep a few easy things in mind and follow them. So if you think it’s time you too want to jump aboard the ride and want to know how you can start making Snapchat streaks, keep reading.

In order to start creating streaks on Snapchat, users have to exchange Snaps frequently, but this means that simply receiving Snaps and opening them is not the only important point. Along with this, the user will also have to send snaps. Apart from this, they can also send each other Bitmoji stickers in the text. While sending a Snap, users can use the myriad of filters available on the app. Their use can also help in creating streaks and brightening the flame.

If the users do not want to break the streak, they must ensure that they are exchanging snaps at regular intervals of time. And this is how they can start and maintain their streaks on Snapchat.

Ways to Recover Lost Snapchat Streaks

After rewarding the world with one of the coolest trending “streaks” for free, Snapchat continues to pop up with more features and attract tons of new users. However, there comes a time when you live in the moment and stop capturing it – and on Snapchat, that means losing the streak you’ve been having all this time!

It sounds like a nightmare, especially when you have hundreds of them. But if you’ve lost the flame on the app, don’t panic! We’ll use some very easy methods to explain how you can recover lost Snapchat stripes. So now, let’s get right into it!

  • open Snapchat and tap on your Bitmoji icon.
  • then scroll down and go to Help section.
  • Now click on i need helpAnd a new page will appear.
  • choose snapstreaks and click let us know Under the section “What if my Snapstreak is gone” in bold.
  • then select i lost my snapstreak,
  • Now fill all the details and information asked and click Send,

You can also contact the Snapchat Support page if you can’t wait for Snapchat to respond and see the matter.

What is Snapchat score and how to increase it?

If you want to be a snapchat pro who have a long list of friends and want to maintain their snap score but don’t know much about it then don’t worry it is very easy to understand that snapchat score what is it,

Your Snap Score is calculated and awarded based on every activity you do on Snapchat and the amount of time you spend using the app. Activities can include doing a number of things on the app, however, there’s been no official word from Snapchat on how the Snap Score is calculated, and it seems to be keeping its algorithm under wraps. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to increase your Snapchat score.

If you want to know how to increase your Snapchat score, then keep reading and follow the quick and easy methods.

  • Exchange snaps regularly.
  • Open the Snap you received.
  • Send Snaps using the various filters provided on Snapchat.
  • Post as many stories as you can.
  • Have a long list of friends and maintain streaks with them.

Previously, Snapchat used to award different trophies to Snapchatters who had higher Snap scores. However, now this feature has been discontinued by Snapchat. So these were some very easy steps by following which many users have increased their Snap score.

Why does Snapchat keep crashing on Android and how to fix it?

If your Snapchat keeps crashing, there are a few possible reasons that could be causing the problem:

  • You are using an old version of the app.
  • There is a bug or technical glitch in the app.
  • Network connectivity is poor.
  • You haven’t updated to the latest version of Snapchat available.
  • Too many apps running in the background.

There could be many more! So now, let us discuss how this problem can be fixed using a few simple steps:

  • Clear Snapchat then relaunch it – There is a high chance of Snapchat not working properly due to the accumulated storage and cache. You can clear both and try launching the app again.
  • restart your phone – If your device is the cause of Snapchat crashing problem, you can restart it. Press and hold on your device’s lock screen and select Restart. After it restarts, check if the problem is resolved.
  • check your internet data connection – It is possible that your internet connection is bad thus causing problems like Snapchat crashing.
  • update the app – You can visit Play Store or App Store to check if there is any update available for Snapchat. If the app is old and not up to date, it is likely to malfunction.
  • Uninstall Snapchat and then reinstall it – If the app has some bugs that need to be fixed, and you have no other solution left, it is better to reinstall the app. All you have to do is uninstall or delete the app, and then download it from the App Store or Play Store to reinstall.

How to get dark mode on Snapchat?

There are a few easy ways to get dark mode on Snapchat.

There can be many reasons why some people prefer dark mode more, but one thing is that it is downright cool! It’s been a long time since Snapchat provided dark mode, but there are still some users who can’t find the option. So now let’s come directly to the steps:

  • open Snapchat And click on your avatar icon.
  • then click on gear icon For Adjustment,
  • tap on app presence,
  • Finally, click on always dark,

Now your Snapchat will be in dark mode, and you can always change it to that way whenever you want.

Steps to recover hacked Snapchat account

If your Snapchat account got hacked, and you are lucky enough not to have your email and number, here is how you can recover your hacked account on Snapchat.

  • open Snapchat.
  • tap on log in.
  • Then enter your login details and press log in,
  • Now click on forgot password,
  • After that, choose your recovery method.
  • Now, you will be redirected to a new page where you have to enter your email and click on submit,
  • Then go to your mail and there a link will be sent to reset your password.
  • You will be able to change your password after entering your email or number to receive the code.

And in this way your account will be safe again. Make sure you reset a strong password this time.

How to delete Snapchat account?

If you want to know how you can delete your Snapchat account, then all you need to do is follow the steps given below:

  • open Snapchat,
  • tap on profile icon,
  • then go to Settings < Support,
  • Now, click on i need help,
  • After that, click on delete my account,
  • Now, after verifying by logging in again, your account will be deleted.

Comment: You can recover your deleted account within a time period of 30 days, however, if the time expires, your account will be permanently deleted.

So in this way you can delete your Snapchat account. You can also go to Snapchat’s Contact Support if you want to know more about it.

What is a Snapchat++ subscription? here’s all you need to know

After WhatsApp and Telegram, Snapchat is now in the money game by announcing its premium subscription service Snapchat++,

According to Snapchat, a premium subscription to Snapchat gives Snapchat+ users access to a “collection of exclusive, experimental and pre-release features”.

Not only that, but the app also comes with several perks including the option to pin your friend as a BFF, story rewatch count, and an exclusive badge for premium members. There’s more, like different designs for a user’s Snapchat ghost avatars. However, one major drawback is still the same – ads will not be removed even in Snapchat+.

So that’s it for now! Let’s wait and see what else Snapchat reveals in the times to come.

questions to ask

Answer: “My Eyes Only” is a unique feature by Snapchat where users can hide their pictures or videos from the Memories section. This section can be accessed only if the user knows the passcode for it. Is

Answer: Getting a verified account on Snapchat is very easy. all you have to do is:

  • Log in to your Snapchat account and with your profile.
  • Now click on the Settings gear from the top right corner.
  • Then tap on Email and click on the hyperlink to re-request the verification email.
  • Finally, go to your email inbox and complete the verification.



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