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17 Fun and Creative Ways

17 Fun and Creative Ways

Madeleine Flamiano

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This article was co-authored with wikiHow Staff Writer, Madeleine Flamiano. Madeleine Flamiano is an Editing Fellow at wikiHow based in Berkeley, California, as well as Team Organizer, Copy Editor, and Movie Critic for Inclusvi. Madeleine has 12 years of literacy advocacy and creative arts experience in tutoring, teaching, writing, public relations and non-profit advocacy. She has written seven novels under a pseudonym and loves all escapist genres, from cozy fantasies to hard science-fiction. His professional path began at NaNoWriMo, where he scripted and hosted a series on worldbuilding. Madeleine graduated from Mills College with a BA in English with a concentration in Literature and a Minor in Philosophy. This article has been viewed 601,063 times.

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To come up with a nickname for yourself, choose something simple that people will remember. If there’s something about you that makes you different, use it. For example, if people always comment on your red hair, you might refer to yourself as “redhead.” Or, you can use an inside joke to identify yourself. For example, if your friends always joke about the timing of your falls when bowling, you might call yourself “the strike.” If your initials sound good together, like TJ or AK, consider making this your nickname. Alternatively, create anagrams from your names. For more tips, including basing your nickname on your real name, keep reading!

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