Home Digital Marketing The Complete Guide to Google Ads From Benefits to Key Uses

The Complete Guide to Google Ads From Benefits to Key Uses

The Complete Guide to Google Ads From Benefits to Key Uses

Technology has expanded the scope of what modern businesses can not only do, but at the same time raises the bar for how hard businesses have to work to get noticed by potential customers. While access to the Internet has allowed more companies than ever to extend their reach to global proportions, the technology itself has also been a problem.

The modern consumer has more access to choice than ever before, and this is where the challenge lies. Google has become one of the largest Internet search engines on the market, and its huge share has made Internet visibility something that businesses need to take seriously.

Queries for everything from chocolate chip cookie recipes to auto insurance options return literally millions of results. The potential for businesses to lose out to a customer due to a low Google ranking is all too real. Fortunately, there are tools specifically designed to help promote visibility on Google search results pages, and one of those tools is Google Ads.

Working not only with Google Ads but also with a Google Ads agency is a great strategy to grow your revenue and expand your brand powerfully. If you are curious about what Google ads are and how they can help your business, here is a brief introduction!

First things first: What are Google Ads?

If you’re not familiar with what Google ads are, there’s still a good chance you’ve come across them before. These are simply pay-per-click ads that appear near the top of a Google search results page. These ads are instantly recognizable as they appear as large rectangular tiles displaying a product with a title and usually a price point.

The most notable thing about a Google ad is that it is very different from the rest of the content that appears on a Google search results page. This sets you apart and makes you easily visible to potential customers.

Google ads appear in search results that are linked to specific keywords that are based on each customer. These keywords are strategically mined to associate them with the most popular queries for any particular market. For example, a sporting goods company that sells pedal boats may use specific keywords related to pedal boats to drive their Google Ads on related searches. While Google is true to getting millions of results, this company’s Google ad will appear only at the top of the page.

What does Google Ads offer?

Google ads have been shown to increase the brand awareness and customer base of businesses that have ventured into using them. Google offers a set of useful features when it comes to Google Ads that any business can take advantage of.

There are five main types of Google Ads offered by this service:

  • Google search
  • google shopping
  • Advertising on YouTube videos
  • Discover Advertising
  • show ad

Each type of Google ad service has unique advantages and can be used to powerfully promote brand awareness. When it comes to using Google Ads, one of the first things a business should do is find out what their goals are. This is not unique, as all marketing campaigns must start with a goal and then build a plan.

There are three general goals that businesses look for when it comes to marketing: trying to increase the number of phone calls, physical store visits, or website traffic they receive. Google Ads provides a powerful method to help businesses that want to focus on the ultimate goal and increase the amount of traffic their website receives.

In addition to offering five powerful advertising methods, Google Ads also gives businesses the ability to choose whether to advertise locally or globally. Google Local Ads are powerful tools for businesses that serve specific areas. Businesses that offer services like local pest control, roofing, or even auto repair can benefit from Google’s local ad campaigns. Businesses that want to expand their reach have the opportunity to use Google Ads globally.

Why use a Google ad agency?

Since Google Ads is a service that any business uses, why go to the trouble of using a Google Ads agency? This is a great question and it focuses on the results of using Google Ads. Using an agency that can work with your business and knows the ins and outs of Google Ads can be of great benefit to businesses that may not have the ability to successfully run marketing campaigns on their own.

These agencies offer companies the chance to make the most of everything Google offers in its powerful Ads suite, with professionals who know how to achieve the goals they set.


Google Ads is a powerful marketing tool that can take your business to the next level. Partnering with Google Ads agencies can help your business not only define your goals, but also achieve them.



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