Home Internet The Complete Guide to Designing Stunning Presentations with Free Google Slides Templates

The Complete Guide to Designing Stunning Presentations with Free Google Slides Templates

The Complete Guide to Designing Stunning Presentations with Free Google Slides Templates

In the corporate world, slide presentations are often used to promote products, explain strategy, and visually display data.

Google Slides is one of the most powerful presentation tools out there. It comes with your Gmail account, which is connected to the cloud and is free to use. If you don’t already have one, you can quickly sign up for one.

In this article, we have mentioned eight guidelines for using Google Slides templates to create a great presentation that will captivate your audience:

plan your presentation

One of the most important steps you can take when preparing a Google Slides presentation is planning. Therefore, business owners should pay more attention to this particular detail when planning their presentations.

The goal or objective of your presentation should be well considered as part of your plan. It would be best to do research for whatever you can learn about the target audience. You need to know who or what your target audience is in order to communicate with them efficiently.

Choose the Best Google Slides Template

Today, presentation templates They are of great help to the presenters in conveying their thoughts or ideas to the audience. Keeping everyone on the same page helps not only the speaker but the audience as well. Make your presentation more engaging by using images, music and videos to help attract and engage your customers efficiently.

Using a Google Slides template in your presentation guarantees that your data is presented logically and concisely, allowing the audience to focus on the information as needed. You can display facts in a more practical way by using charts and graphs in them.

The subject matter should determine the structure of your presentation. The box that holds your content and title box is called the ‘slide layout’.

Each slide in your presentation can be customized according to the subtitles you choose, if you’re willing to break it down into smaller sections. Remember that the design of a slide should not detract from its information. In other words, the information on your slides should be easy to read by the audience.

create readable slides

Always consider how to make a Google Slides presentation that is easy to read. Keep in mind that if you’re speaking in a large room, the audience will have a hard time understanding cluttered slides and small typography.

Selecting a clear layout with large text and lots of white space pays off.

Once you’ve done this, make sure you’ve put your slides in the correct order. You can start by sorting the first slide as a draft. You can also use the Slide Sorter to confirm the structure of your presentation. Slide Sprinter will help you identify the correct structure of your slides and make it easy for you to reorder slides if any changes are required.

Use colors associated with your brand

How to make a quality slide show? Using your brand colors is a great strategy. Your deck becomes more unique and memorable. A color is a standard tool for presenters to express their brand.

The tone of the presentation is determined by color. The room is energized by the presentation of bright red. Cool colors promote calmness and relaxation.

If you are confused to decide which color you should include in your content, use the color wheel. Just put a picture of the color wheel:

  • Opposite colors in the wheel complement each other because they create contrast. It can increase the readability of your text, therefore, letting your user capture the most important element of your content that you want to show them.
  • Conversely, colors that are next to each other are harmonious, so if you want to make your presentation more unified, you should use those colors because they are more similar.

The colors also enhance the content. The likelihood that the message will be heard, seen, and understood is increased by choosing a color scheme that makes the information easy to read.

choose the best layout

You may sometimes feel that your audience is not paying attention to you when you are presenting. Choosing a captivating layout for your business presentation for 2023 is one of the best strategies to combat this.

You can convey your message more effectively by using an eye-catching layout. It boosts your success. Additionally, it keeps others satisfied by providing them with exciting things to watch.

Crop and customize your images

After you locate a reliable source for high-quality images or create your own, you can use the cropping tools to draw attention to essential parts of an image or graphic.

By shaping your photos in some way, such as cropping the edges of an image, removing extraneous elements, or adding a unified design (masking), your presentation can become more attractive, interesting, and creative.

Use Your Fonts Smartly

Fonts are important because they affect how readers perceive your written content. You can connect with your audience using text. It happens both ways.

If a typeface is difficult to read, you will not be able to communicate with your audience. The right typeface will draw in your audience. Fonts can also be used to convey an audience’s emotion or mood.

It is a fact that common fonts are getting boring. Custom typefaces are helpful in this situation. They enhance the visual appeal of any PowerPoint deck.

You can use other creative techniques to make your text parallel by adjusting the font style, size, and color. Additionally, you can create your own typeface to use in your own projects.

Use graphs for your data

Words are essential, but you also need to consider how to make an interesting Google Slides presentation. You can accomplish this with infographics.

Infographics depict processes, timetables and other things. Plus, they’re easy to build thanks to the free Google Slides templates available on a variety of platforms. You just need to replace the placeholder text and visuals, and you’re done.

Make sure you select the data that is most relevant to your design and illustration that you present in your slides, here is how-

  • Use horizontal lines and charts to give a clear picture of your data and the information you are providing.
  • If you are using vertical charts, make sure they are used to display absolute change and volume so that it makes more sense.
  • If you are using pie charts in your content, keep in mind that they are used to highlight percentages or proportions of a particular piece of data, and can have up to six sections.
  • Line charts are meant to show trends.
  • If you have mentioned some comparisons, present them in tabular form so that it is more attractive. Tables are also used for quantitative data but here, charts can be better as they are more understandable and there you can also emphasize on the most important part.

wrapping up

Creating a sophisticated Google Slides presentation is easy. Apply them as you read the specific instructions in this tutorial.

Using Google Slides templates is strongly recommended. Creating a professional slideshow is easier than you think with expertly designed Google Slides templates.


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