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take care of a canine assault in accordance with consultants

take care of a canine assault in accordance with consultants

Sean Riley

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Canine Trainer and Behaviorist

This article was co-authored by Sean Riley and wikiHow staff writer Eric McClure. Shawn Riley is a Canine Trainer and Behaviorist based in Tualatin, Oregon. With over 40 years of experience, Sean trains people to properly establish and maintain leadership roles with their canine companions. Sean has trained with many acclaimed canine experts and refined the Dog Way training methods through experience and observation of the natural interactions of dogs within their groups. Shawn has appeared on several local TV shows and was featured on the “My Dog Ate What?” by National Geographic. This article has been viewed 1,522,735 times.

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Updated: April 16, 2023

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Being attacked by a dog can be really scary, but if you stay calm and avoid sudden movements, the dog should lose interest in you. If an aggressive dog approaches you, never run or make a loud noise. This may scare him or he may chase you. Instead, stand with your arms open at your sides and look away from the dog. If it starts to bite or attack you, shout “back off” or “stop”. If he continues to attack you, try to hit or kick him in the face to stun him. You can also use your weight to your advantage by digging your knee or elbow into his groin or ribs. If you fall to the ground, roll onto your stomach and bring your knees into your chest to protect your vital organs. When the dog loses interest in you, slowly and calmly back away from the area until you are safe. For more tips from our veterinary co-author, including how to spot a potentially dangerous dog, read on.

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