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Know about Snapchat Plus and its exclusive features

Know about Snapchat Plus and its exclusive features

Let’s not start with the basic Snapchat introduction, we all know what that app is and what it is used for. But there is a certain feature about the app that some of you might be unaware of. We are also well aware of the cool features of Snapchat, sending snaps, weird yet cool filters and what not. But the question that must have crossed everyone’s mind is ‘What is premium Snapchat?’ or ‘How does Snap Premium work?’.

Well, for starters, let’s assume that it is a premium version of the same Snapchat app. These days premium doesn’t mean extra features, rather it means explicit content. Basically premium has become a slang term to denote the account of someone who is selling private content, limited to a few individuals, basically, who have paid for it.

The same goes for Snapchat Premium or Snapchat Plus. You must have heard about OnlyFans, it is like that. Not only private photo sharing but private chatting is also a part of Snapchat Plus. The exemplary part of Snapchat+ is that once you know the monetization process, it can become a great source of money making.

With the introduction out of the way, let’s go ahead and understand how to get started with Snapchat Plus.

How to start premium Snapchat account?

There is no special Snapchat Premium app that requires you to buy a subscription to Snapchat. To get started with Snapchat Premium, all you need is a smartphone and the Snapchat app, which is free to download. You must also be of 18+ age with an open minded personality and a bit of confidence will be the cherry on top.

Snapchat Plus is nothing but the easiest way to convert your fans into paid followers and earn good money from it. First of all, you have to be little famous on the app, you can start by verifying it, then only you can ask your fans to become your paid followers. If you’re not famous, no one will be interested. I guess that satisfied your curiosity about how Snap Premium works.

However, remember that some of your fans/followers might not like that you ask them for money in exchange for some explicit content. In fact, there have been instances where people have described Snapchat Premium as a waste of time and useless.

Public reaction to Snapchat+(1)

Let us now have a look at the top features that come with Snapchat+.

Top Features of Snapchat Premium

Before proceeding further, it should be noted that there is no free trial of Snapchat Plus, hence, you will have to purchase premium to avail all the features of Snapchat Plus. Here is the list of top Snapchat Plus features:

custom story

Till now, every story we posted on our accounts, be it Instagram stories, Facebook or Whatsapp, disappeared after 24 hours. But that’s the case now with Snapchat Plus. Users can set custom timers on their stories. The timer can run from 1 hour to a full week. So, with Snapchat+, your stories can go on for as long as you want, up to a week.

customized notification sound

With Snapchat Plus, users can set custom notification sounds for each of their followers, letting them know who sent them a Snap/Chat without reaching for their phone. You can easily set custom notification tones for your contacts from Snapchat settings.

camera borders

Another feature added to Snapchat Premium is the different camera color border around the Snapchat camera view. When you record a video a large collection of colors will appear around your camera, you can choose one of them.

Snapchat+ Badge

Once you get started with a Snapchat Plus subscription, you’ll also get the Snapchat Plus badge, which is a unique star icon next to your profile name. The icon will indicate that you are a Snapchat Premium user.

Story Rewatch Counts

The name says it all. This Snapchat+ feature will also tell you how many times someone rewatches your story. This feature is quite experimental at the moment and may be available to other users in the near future.

Ghost Trails

With Ghost Trails on Snap Map, it is possible for users to check the location history of other users for the past 24 hours. However, it must be remembered that Ghost Trail will work only if the other person has enabled their location service or shared it with you.

priority story answer

If you’re a premium user on Snapchat, your replies to Snap Stars will be more visible to them than to any other Snap user. This means that your replies will be prioritized on Snapchat.

new bitmoji backgrounds

Bitmoji backgrounds are for your Bitmoji, which you set up manually. With Snapchat Plus, you’ll have more options for setting those backgrounds. This will be another source of letting other Snapchatters know that you are a premium user.

snapchat web

With Snapchat Plus, you’ll also be able to log into your Snapchat account via your web. This means, just like WhatsApp Web and Instagram, you too can log into your Snapchat account on the web and send messages to your friends directly from your laptop or PC.

snapchat web

snapchat plus price

Now that you have come to know about all the features that comes with Snapchat Plus, now you must be curious to know about its price and availability as well. let’s find out.

Premium Snapchat costs $3.99 per month. However, in India, the price of the same subscription is much cheaper at Rs. 49 per month only. Currently, the subscription feature is available only in 25 countries around the world. However, an expansion to Snapchat+ can be expected in the near future. Here is a list of countries where Snapchat Premium operates.

List of countries where Snapchat Plus is available

The premium version of Snapchat is only available in 25 countries, here is a list of them:

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Canada
  • France
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • new zealand
  • Saudi Arab
  • India
  • Queue
  • Kuwait
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Egypt
  • Denmark
  • Bahrain
  • Norway
  • israel
  • Sweden
  • belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Finland
  • Switzerland
  • Ireland
  • Oman

questions to ask

Here are some frequently asked questions about Snapchat Plus and its membership:

Answer: Unfortunately, getting a Snapchat Plus membership doesn’t provide an ad-free experience. This means Snapchat+ users have to endure the constant ads as well.

Answer:The premium version of Snapchat costs $3.99 per month. It also comes with some exclusive features like priority user replies, Snapchat web, badges, and more.

Answer:Yes, Snapchat Plus is available in India. It is available for just Rs. 49 per month. And not just in India, Snapchat Premium is available in 24 other countries as well.


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