Home Social Media How you can Plant Date Palm Seeds (With Photos)

How you can Plant Date Palm Seeds (With Photos)

How you can Plant Date Palm Seeds (With Photos)

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To plant date dates, buy some ripe Medjool dates from the grocery store and collect the seeds from the center. Once the fruits have been removed from the seeds, soak them in fresh water for 48 hours to start the germination process. Be sure to change the water once a day to prevent any mold from forming. After two days, fold 2 seeds into a damp piece of paper towel and seal the towel in a plastic sandwich bag. Keep this bag in a warm, dark place for 6 to 8 weeks, and change the paper towels if you see any mold growing. After the seeds have germinated, fill a pot a little more than halfway with potting soil and place a seed in the middle, sprout side up. Then, fill the pot with soil so that the seed is completely covered and only the sprout is visible. For more help from our gardening co-writer, like how to care for your date palm plant, keep reading!

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