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‘How to turn on dark mode on YouTube?’ For Android, iOS and Desktop

‘How to turn on dark mode on YouTube?’  For Android, iOS and Desktop

There aren’t many apps left that don’t support dark mode. And enabling dark mode on Snapchat or other apps is actually not a very difficult task. But when it comes to YouTube dark mode, the process for ‘how to put YouTube on dark mode’ can be a bit tricky.

Like the user in the tweet above, many YouTube users don’t know how to turn on dark mode on YouTube. And we don’t blame them because, let’s be honest – we’ve all been there. Unlike other platforms, many users struggle to find the dark mode option on YouTube.

And if you are also one of the users asking ‘How to put YouTube in dark mode’, then this article will help you. So let’s start with the steps for Android first.

How to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube for Android?

Everyone who likes to use dark mode has their own reasons. So ‘does YouTube have dark mode’ is out of the question. So, if you are an Android user and want to know how to put YouTube in dark mode using the YouTube app, follow the steps given below:

  • open youtube app and tap on your profile icon from the top right.
    click on your profile icon
  • then go to Adjustment,
    Tap on Settings.
  • select now Common,
    choose general
  • After that, click on Presence,
    Tap on Appearance
  • now you will be able to select dark theme,
        choose dark theme

These were the steps on how to make YouTube dark mode on Android. If dark mode is supported on your Android as well, you can select ‘.use device theme,

This way, the YouTube app will stay in the same theme you have set on your device, and you won’t have to change it every time you visit the YouTube app.

Steps to Turn on YouTube Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad

Almost all of Apple’s devices have a dark mode feature. In fact, there’s a dark mode on the Mac too, so the YouTube app is no exception. If you’re an iPhone or iPad user and want to experience YouTube in dark mode (also known as YouTube Night Mode), here are the steps:

  • go to youtube app And tap on your profile icon.
    click on your profile icon
  • then click Adjustment , Common,
    Click on General
  • choose Presence,
    tap on appearances
  • Now, you can click on dark theme to enable it.
    click on dark theme

Now you know how to switch YouTube to dark mode using these steps. If you’ve set your iPhone or iPad to dark mode via Settings, you can also select ‘.use device themeTo keep the theme consistent across apps and devices.

Also, if you use YouTube on desktop, there are steps to enable YouTube Dark Mode on that as well. Read on to know how.

How to make YouTube dark mode on desktop

Enabling dark mode on YouTube for desktop is one of the easiest and simplest methods as compared to other devices. Follow the steps below to know how to get dark mode on YouTube and make YouTube dark mode on PC.

  • go for youtube and tap on your profile icon from the top right.
    click on your profile icon
  • then click Presence,
    select presence
  • After that, a menu will appear. choose dark theme,
    click on dark theme

YouTube has its own way of working around things. It also includes some tricks for features others may not know about, such as how to see who viewed your YouTube videos.

If you prefer to use your desktop in dark mode, you can also choose use device theme, Furthermore, if you have changed your mind, you can easily turn off Dark Mode with the help of the steps in the next section.

How to turn off dark mode on YouTube?

Just like enabling Dark Mode, turning it off is also very easy. The user basically has to go to the same setting and choose the light theme instead of the dark one. We are going to provide the steps to turn off dark mode on desktop. They are as follows:

solution summary, profile icon , Presence , light theme

Now, the dark mode from YouTube will be successfully turned off. You can also turn off dark mode on Google. But should that really put you off if it comes with a bunch of perks? Let’s have a look at some of them.

Benefits of Enabling Dark Mode on YouTube

Apart from making the interface look nicer, there is a lot more to Dark Mode. While everyone may have their own reasons for turning it on, we have gathered a list of plus points of using dark mode on YouTube.


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Lite mode
dark mode
  • According to a study by Google, a white screen drains battery life six times faster than a black screen. So dark mode helps with battery life.
  • This lets you focus more on the video since for the most part it’s black; The main focus remains on what is happening in the video.
  • Keeping YouTube dark mode enabled helps in reducing the eyestrain as compared to the light theme, it is not much impact on the eyes.

If you have enabled the dark theme on YouTube, then you must have also heard about Ambient Mode. If you haven’t, we’ve given some brief information about it in the next section.

Is dark mode and ambient mode the same on YouTube?

There are many users who have a doubt whether dark mode and ambient mode are the same. But this is not really the case. Ambient Mode is an add-on to Dark Mode on YouTube. Meaning, it will be on only when you have dark theme enabled.

Ambient Mode on YouTube helps to enhance the YouTube interface when the user is watching a video with dark mode enabled.

According to the YouTube help page, ‘Ambient Mode uses lighting effects to make watching videos in dark themes more interesting by casting soft colors from the video in the background of your screen,

So now that you know how to switch YouTube to dark mode, if you also want to experience the ambient mode on YouTube, make sure that the dark theme is turned on. anymore:

  • open youtube And go to the video you want to watch with Ambient Mode enabled.
    Play any video on YouTube
  • Once it starts playing, click on settings icon,
    Tap on the Settings icon
  • Now, at the top, you’ll find ambient mode option, turn on the toggle for it and enjoy!
    enable ambient mode

Ambient Mode on YouTube is now enabled for you, and you can have a smooth video streaming experience.

Dark Mode Key Stats

Dark Mode 2023 Key Stats
The percentage of dark mode users is more than 80% today.
Dark mode is also preferred by those who suffer from astigmatism.
Due to working long hours in coding, more than 70% of engineers around the world prefer to use dark mode.
Apparently, dark mode or night mode became a long shot after Twitter opted out of it back in 2016.
About 91% to 95% of all device users choose dark mode over light mode.

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closing thoughts

Being someone who wants to protect their vision is a good thing. And some users just prefer to use the dark mode as it gives a nicer look to the interface in general. There can be many reasons to switch to using dark theme or dark mode.

Enabling dark mode on YouTube is not a big deal. The steps described in the article for Android, iOS, and Desktop will help readers understand how to turn on dark mode on YouTube. It also focuses on covering a related term, ‘ambient mode’ and you may want to learn about it if you’re interested in using YouTube in dark mode.


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