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How to Tell if Rose Quartz Is Real

How to Tell if Rose Quartz Is Real

Signs that rose quartz stones, crystals, and jewelry are real (plus how to avoid fakes when shopping)

Rose quartz is known for its beautiful, pink color that adds elegance and warmth to a gemstone or jewelry collection. This crystal is also widely used in spiritual practices to promote love and emotional healing.[1] Whether you’re looking for rose quartz to add to your crystal collection or finding the perfect rose quartz necklace, it’s not always clear whether it’s real or fake. In this article, we’ll tell you how to identify real rose quartz, spot a fake, and how you can be sure you’re buying a real crystal.

[Edit]things you should know

  • Real rose quartz has a soft pink color, a cloudy appearance, imperfections such as inclusions, and a rough and irregular shape.
  • Real rose quartz can scratch glass and feels cold and heavy.
  • Buy Rose Quartz at best price from certified sellers who source the gemstone from known mining locations.


[Edit]real rose quartz

  1. Light Pink {endbold} Real rose quartz ranges in color from light to deep pink. Look at your rose quartz to see if it is a uniform, pink color. Most small pieces of quartz are very pale pink, sometimes almost white, while larger pieces can be medium to deep pink.[2]
    Tell If Rose Quartz Is Real Step 1.jpg
    • If your rose quartz is clear and bright pink, it is probably a fake. Manufacturers have to dye the glass or plastic, often resulting in a bright, vibrant pink color.[3]
  2. Cloudy{endbold} Rose quartz looks cloudy or milky, not transparent. Rose quartz gets its cloudy appearance because it is filled with inclusions, or other minerals and materials. These inclusions make quartz less transparent and sometimes even opaque.[4]
    Tell If Rose Quartz Is Real Step 2.jpg
    • If you are looking at rose quartz jewelry, it is often faceted, or cut and polished, and will appear more translucent. Look for other characteristics to determine if rose quartz is real.
  3. Imperfect {endbold} True Rose Quartz is full of other minerals and fibers that you can see. When you look at rose quartz, you will see fibrous inclusions inside that look like white lines. These lines often give rose quartz the marbled appearance.[5]
    Tell If Rose Quartz Is Real Step 3.jpg
    • You may need a magnifying glass to see the lines within your rose quartz.
  4. Bubble Free {endbold} Real rose quartz has irregularities, but bubbles are not one of them. Most fake roses are made of quartz glass that is cast in molds. Small, round bubbles usually form during the pouring process, so if you see some in your rose quartz, it’s likely fake.[6]
    Tell If the Rose Quartz Is Real Step 4 Version 2.jpg
  5. Scratched Glass {endbold} Rose quartz is a durable mineral that is harder than glass. To test whether your rose quartz is real, try scratching a piece of glass, such as a glass bottle. If you easily make a mark on the glass, your rose quartz is likely the real deal.[7]
    Tell If Rose Quartz Is Real Step 5.jpg
    • Geologists rate minerals on a hardness scale from 1 to 10, called the Mohs scale. Rose quartz is about a 7 on the scale while glass is about a 5.
  6. Cool to the Touch {endbold} If your rose quartz feels cool when you pick it up, it is likely to be real. While rose quartz will warm up to your body temperature, it does not retain heat and often feels colder than room temperature. Place your rose quartz on a table with a piece of marble-like glass. If your rose quartz is real, it will feel cooler than a piece of glass.[8]
    Tell If Rose Quartz Is Real Step 6.jpg
  7. Heavy {endbold} The other minerals in rose quartz make it heavier than glass. To test whether your rose quartz is real, hold it in one hand and a similarly sized piece of glass in your other hand. The difference may be subtle, but if rose quartz feels heavy, it is likely real.[9]
    Tell If Rose Quartz Is Real Step 7.jpg
  8. The irregularly shaped {endbold} raw rose quartz is bumpy and jagged. If your rose quartz is real, it will be amorphous, feel rough, and have no real sides. Fake rose quartz is usually smoother and has more defined sides.[10]
    Tell If the Rose Quartz Is Real Step 8 Version 2.jpg
    • Rose quartz is often tumbled, meaning that the rough edges are smoothed out and polished to a shine. Real rose quartz that has been rolled will still not have defined sides, but check other characteristics to see if it is real.[11]
  9. Does not melt {endbold} Real rose quartz has a melting point of 3000° F (1650° C). If you’re not sure whether your rose quartz is real, hold a lighter over it.[12] Imitation quartz made from glass or plastic has a low melting point and will warp and liquefy.[13]
    Tell If Rose Quartz Is Real Step 9.jpg
    • If you try the burn test and your rose quartz is real, it may turn slightly black. Simply wipe off the soot with a towel.

[Edit]How to Buy Real Rose Quartz

  1. Buy rose quartz from certified sellers who have great reviews. When you’re looking online, check whether sellers and their pieces are Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified. Also be sure to check out customer reviews to see if buyers are happy with their purchase.[14]
    Tell If Rose Quartz Is Real Step 10.jpg
    • Check the seller’s website to see their credentials and see if they offer a certificate of authenticity.
  2. Beware of cheap prices. If you find a large, shiny, and cheap rose quartz, it may be fake. Real rose quartz is not perfectly shaped or brightly colored, with smaller pieces typically costing $2–4 per carat (1 carat equals 200 milligrams). [15]
    Tell If Rose Quartz Is Real Step 11.jpg
    • A large, deep-colored rose quartz can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000, depending on its quality.[16]
    • Authentic rose quartz rings, necklaces and earrings will typically cost you $75 and up.[17]
  3. Ask where the rose quartz is from. Most rose quartz is mined in North America, Madagascar and Brazil. Rose quartz is actually a common gemstone found all over the world. However, most rose quartz is mined in these locations, so be wary of stores that state their gemstones are from elsewhere.[18]
    Tell If Rose Quartz Is Real Step 12.jpg
    • Real rose quartz is also mined in India, Japan, Russia, and Sri Lanka.


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