How To Step Two: Easy Nation Dance Tutorial


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This article was co-authored by Hebert Aguilar and wikiHow staff writer Luke Smith, MFA. Herbert Aguilar is a professional dancer, choreographer and director of Timba Heat Dance Company. With over a decade of experience, she specializes in performing and teaching dance styles such as Cuban Salsa, Hip-Hop and Acrobatics. Hebert has performed in various venues and locations including San Francisco, Washington, Hawaii, and Miami. This article has been viewed 252,323 times.

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To dance the basic two-step, partners stand facing each other and the lead places his right hand on the partner’s left shoulder blade. Next, the leading man steps forward quickly with his left foot while the partner steps backward with his right foot. Then, on the second beat, the lead steps forward quickly with his right hand while the partner steps backward with his left hand. On the 3rd and 4th beats, repeat the first step but slow it down so that the step takes 2 beats instead of 1. Keep reading to learn how to follow the line of the two-step and add the twist!

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