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how to change google maps voice

how to change google maps voice

Get directions in a different accent or language in Google Maps

Do you want to change the voice for navigation in Google Maps? It’s easy to change the Google Maps voice on your Android, although the process is a bit indirect on the iPhone and iPad. This wikiHow will guide you through simple steps to change the voice in Google Maps on your Android, iPhone, or iPad.

[Edit]things you should know

  • On Android, go to Settings in Maps, navigate to Navigation settings > Voice selection, and select a new voice.
  • On iPhone and iPad, you’ll need to change your phone or tablet’s language to hear a different voice in Maps.
  • If you have the Google Assistant and Android, change the voice in that app to change the “default” voice in Google Maps.



  1. Tap your profile icon in Google Maps. It’s in the top-left corner of the Maps app. Luckily, the Android version of Google Maps allows you to easily change the voice.
    Change Google Maps Voice Step 1.jpg
  2. Tap . This option is located at the bottom of the menu, next to a gear icon.
    Change Google Maps Voice Step 2.jpg
  3. Tap . You may have to scroll down to find this option at the bottom of the menu.
    Change Google Maps Voice Step 3.jpg
  4. Tap . It’s below the “Guidance Quantity” section and will open a new window.
    Change Google Maps Voice Step 4.jpg
  5. Choose a voice. The suggested voices won’t change your experience much and are region-specific, meaning the language will use vocabulary that other regions don’t. For example, English (US) and English (UK) both speak English, but with different accents and with different terms.
    Change Google Maps Voice Step 5.jpg
    • Tap play test sound To preview the sound.
  6. Get more voice options with the Google Assistant. You can further customize the voice with the Google Assistant, such as changing the gender from female to male. If you choose a different voice in the Google Assistant, you’ll hear that voice in Maps as long as your Maps voice is set to “Default.” To change that voice:
    Change Google Maps Voice Step 6.jpg
    • Open Assistant and tap your profile picture.
    • Tap auxiliary voice and voiceThen tap on the color associated with the sound you want.
    • Once you have selected a new voice, close both the apps. Then, open Google Maps to make sure “Default (English)” is selected. Your chosen voice in the Assistant will now play in Maps!

[Edit]iphone or ipad

  1. Open your iPhone or iPad’s Settings. If you want to hear a different language or accent in Google Maps, you’ll need to change the language on your iPhone or iPad. If you don’t mind changing your language settings for all your apps, open your Settings now.
    Change Google Maps Voice Step 7.jpg
    • Unfortunately, the Google Maps app doesn’t let you change your voice on your iPhone or iPad unless you change your language or region.
    • If you want more voice options for navigation, you may want to use Apple Maps instead. Apple Maps uses Siri to guide you, and you can easily change Siri’s voice.[1]
  2. Tap . It’s in the third group of options next to the gear icon.
    Change Google Maps Voice Step 8.jpg
  3. Tap . You’ll see it at the bottom of the menu.
    Change Google Maps Voice Step 9.jpg
  4. Tap . This will open a new window with a list of languages.
    Change Google Maps Voice Step 10.jpg
  5. Tap on a language. after tapping Complete and confirm the change, your phone will change to reflect this new language selection. Not only will your entire phone display the new language, but so can your other apps (if they have language settings), including Google Maps.
    Change Google Maps Voice Step 11.jpg


  • If you want even more voice options, including celebrity voices, try using Navigation.
  • Make Google Maps the default navigation app if it isn’t already.
  • If the place you’re navigating to isn’t on Google Maps, add it!


  1. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/iphone/iphc28624b81/ios


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