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How to Apply Quick on Black Dog Nails

How to Apply Quick on Black Dog Nails

Cutting dog nails can be intimidating for any pet owner, but it’s even more challenging when your dog’s nails are black. How can you find quick when it is impossible to see? Unless you’re lucky enough to have X-ray vision, you’ll need a good strategy to avoid sensitive quick cuts. Never fear: We’ve rounded up 4 ways to quickly cure your pup’s black nails, plus some helpful trimming tips. Get ready to clip in with confidence!

If you’re worried you’ll end up early, try these trimming tips for black dog nails

[Edit]things you should know

  • Shine a flashlight through your pup’s paw to reveal the shadowy quicks within the nail.
  • Check under the nail to find a quick; It is over the triangular, hollow groove of the nail tip.
  • Trim safely by making short, 45° cuts with dog nail clippers until you reach the dark circle (or pulp) in the middle of the nail.
  • Cut nails smoothly using a nail file or rotary grinder.


[Edit]quick detection methods

  1. Shine a flashlight under your dog’s nail. Using a small flashlight or your phone’s light, hold your pup’s nails straight up against the light. Grip the nail between your thumb and forefinger where the nail bends.[1] Look for a deep mass inside the nail. If your pet’s nails are thin enough, you will see the quick as a shadowy area.[2]
    Quick Finds on Black Dog Nails Step 1.jpg
  2. Locate the groove under the nail. Check under your dog’s nails; Note how the thickest part of the nail is closest to the claw, causing the nail to taper and taper toward the tip. Look for an oval, hollow triangular area close to where the hook starts. This hollow portion of the nail tip can be safely trimmed; Sharp starts above it.[3]
    Quick Finds on Black Dog Nails Step 2.jpg
  3. Try a test squeeze. Gently press the clippers down on the nail, applying pressure without cutting it. Gauge your pet’s reaction: Quick has sensitive nerves, so if your dog tries to pull away, you’re pinching quickly. Move the clippers down towards the nail tip.[4]
    Quick Finds on Black Dog Nails Step 3.jpg
  4. Cut off a small section of the nail. Check the cut surface of the nail after each clip. Look for a dark spot (called a pulp) in the center of the white surface. Stop cutting when you see the spot because you’re almost there early.[5]
    Quick Finds on Black Dog Nails Step 4.jpg

[Edit]What’s the rush?

  1. Accelerated tissue that contains nerves and blood vessels. If you cut quickly, blood will come out. The cartilage is encased in a thin sheath called the pulp, and a hard outer covering surrounds and protects it. Cutting your dog’s nails involves trimming the tip off the hard shell.[6]
    Quick Finds on Black Dog Nails Step 5.jpg
    • When you cut a black nail, the cut surface is white. Just before you reach the quick, you’ll see the pulp as a dark spot in the center of the nail.[7]

[Edit]how to cut black dog nails

  1. Cut your dog’s nails after they touch the ground. If you can hear their nails pounding on the floor, it’s time for a pedicure. Or, hold the paw and look at it from the side. If the nail extends beyond the pad for that toe, it could use a trim.[8]
    Quick Finds on Black Dog Nails Step 6.jpg
    • Long nails make your dog prone to health problems. Ingrown nails push the feet into an unnatural position, causing harmful changes in your dog’s posture and gait.[9] Your dog can suffer from orthopedic issues, arthritis and cracked nails if his nails are not clipped regularly.[10]
  2. Trim your puppy’s nails when he is calm. Wait until he’s tired from the walk or game of fetch. It is much easier to trim the nails of a sleepy dog ​​than to trim the nails of a speeding dog![11] Lay your pet on their side and prop your arms and upper body over them so they can easily bite if they swing.[12]
    Quick Finds on Black Dog Nails Step 7.jpg
  3. Trim nails at a 45° angle, removing small pieces at a time. Grasp your dog’s toe firmly between your thumb and forefinger.[13] Make several cuts with dog nail clippers until you can see a deep pulp in the middle of the nail.[14] treat each nail separately; Not all of them will need to cut the same amount.[15]
    Quick Finds on Black Dog Nails Step 8.jpg
  4. Stay calm if you pry early. Press styptic powder or a styptic pencil against the nail to stop the bleeding. Other home remedies include corn starch or a clean bar of soap. They don’t work as quickly as styling powders, but they’ll do in a pinch.[16] Give your friend a treat and they’ll be fine.[17]
    Quick Finds on Black Dog Nails Step 9.jpg
    • Accidents happen, and that doesn’t make you a bad pet parent. It sounds scary, but your best bud is about to recover. No healthy dog ​​has ever died a quick death.[18]
  5. If clipping worries you, use a nail file or rotary grinder. Manually filing or using a rotary grinder gives you a quick, easy finish without any danger of cutting it. Check the nail frequently for dark spots that indicate you are near a rash and stop when you see it.[19]
    Quick Finds on Black Dog Nails Step 10.jpg
    • Switch frequently between nails. A file or rotary grinder creates a lot of friction and can be painfully hot for your pup.
    • Most dogs will show signs of discomfort as you get closer to spotting the sensitive animal. Read your pet’s cues and stop filing if they seem uncomfortable.[20]
  6. Break up the pedicure into several sessions if necessary. If your dog is nervous — or if you are nervous — it’s perfectly fine to trim just one nail for now. Keep the experience positive for both of you and try again later. In the meantime, take your friend for extra walks on cement surfaces so they can gently file their nails.[21]
    Quick Finds on Black Dog Nails Step 11.jpg


  • When trimming your pet’s nails, keep an anti-bleeding agent, such as styptic, cornstarch, or a bar of soap, in case you cut early.
  • Filing and rotary grinding produce a lot of friction and heat. Keep moving the tool and switch between nails frequently.


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