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Dice Game Rules and Scoring

Dice Game Rules and Scoring

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10,000 is a fun dice game where players try to score points by rolling winning combinations. Start by choosing a player to go first. Then, that player rolls 6 dice. Ones are worth 100 points, fives are worth 50 points, and a 3 of a kind is worth 100 times the number on the dice, except it is three units, which is worth 1,000 points. The value of a four of a kind is 200 times the number on the dice, a five of a kind is 400 times the number on the dice, and a six of a kind is 800 times the number on the dice. numbers on the dice. You can also get 1,500 points straight, or by rolling a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Three pairs are worth 1,500 points. Winning combinations only count if they are formed on the same roll. After a player rolls, they can add the roll total to their score and end their turn, or they can try to roll again to earn more points. To roll again, a player must set aside at least 1 scoring dice from their first roll. When they roll again they will lose any points they don’t set aside. Players may roll again as long as they put aside at least 1 scoring dice after each roll. If a player rolls and does not score any points, they lose all of their points for that turn, and their turn is over. Then, the player rolls to his left. Players keep rolling and rolling the dice until one player reaches 10,000 points first and wins! Read on to find out how each combination is scored!

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