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Astronaut In The Ocean Lyrics Has A Special Message For Us

Astronaut In The Ocean Lyrics Has A Special Message For Us

astronaut in the ocean

Astronaut in the Ocean by Masked Wolf was released on June 6, 2019 by Teamwork Records. As soon as it came out, the musical style, lyrics and its widespread appreciation on social media made it an instant hit.

Later Elektra Records re-released the title in the first month of 2021. At the same time, the label also signed producer Masked Wolf to a multi-album contract. Nonetheless, he is still associated with Teamwork and the song is achieving milestones one after the other on mainstream music sharing apps and platforms.

All about astronauts in the ocean

Astronaut in the Ocean lyrics were (not entirely) written and sung by an Australian rapper who was unknown in the industry before this title really blew up on social media. He is active in the field since 2018 with this title, which is his most acclaimed and famous work.

The name Masked Wolf alludes to his dual nature, where according to his own words you would never believe he is a rapper if you see or meet him outside the studio.

She wrote the song with the help of its producer Tyrone Hapi, a musician from Sydney. It was not successful from the beginning. But as soon as the attention of the short video platform Tiktok users started being drawn.

Soon it started finding utility on other social media platforms like Instagram and it went on to become a chartbuster. It took first place on the music charts in places such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Its fame spread to many countries, with greater fame in the European continent.

What does astronaut in the ocean mean?

In the lead up to its release and for some time afterward, producer Masked Wolf was not having smooth sailing in his career. And by his own account, he was going through some tough times due to depression while working on this track.

And according to him, the words here carry the atmosphere and experiences he went through at that time. The analogy is that astronauts prepare for space by training in the ocean. to operate and act at sea like they would later do in space.

Same for the artist, he was working hard when he was up to his ears in a deep sea of ​​depression. So he felt like an astronaut while the sea reflected the unbearable pain and discomfort that beset him at that time.

What special message does this have for us?

As we are living in times where there is not much social interaction and our lives are defined more by our interactions in the virtual world than reality, this has brought us a whole new set of issues.

At the top of the list is the impact of these changed circumstances on our mental health. This is becoming a big issue in the coming times. In the song as we can feel the artist is in mental agony but he has the resolve to overcome this situation.

An inspiring story of his determination to overcome the difficulties that everyone faces in life. A great song to listen to over and over again. It tells us to take the criticism of others as noise and focus on our work.


Astronaut in the Ocean is a song that gained popularity quite late after its release, but yet again, social media has once again proved to be the place where one can find the most suitable platform to showcase talent. With a great message, this is truly one of the best works from The Masked Wolf.



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