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All about the longest videos on YouTube 2023

All about the longest videos on YouTube 2023

YouTube is one of the most powerful media-streaming platforms, and has over a billion videos for users to watch. And that’s probably everything you can think of in those videos. From different ranges to time periods or lengths. And it seems the people on the mega platform are not shying away from pushing the boundaries.

longest video on youtube

If you are wondering what is the longest YouTube video and want to delve deeper into it, then you have come to the right place. Because we are going to talk about it in detail in this article. So fasten your seat belts and get ready for the ride! Let’s jump in and get started!

About YouTube and where it stands today

Especially in today’s time, if anyone does not know what YouTube is, then it will be surprising. The mega video-sharing and social media platform continues to rise up the charts as it releases new updates and features.

As you may be a content creator yourself, you can now post videos on YouTube in the form of videos and pictures. Ever since YouTube extended the deadline, there are not many people who are missing out on this golden opportunity by setting new records and breaking old ones.

And one of them might even be the longest video ever made on YouTube. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? So let’s dig deep into the details and talk about who is the genius behind breaking previous records and currently holding the title of longest video on YouTube.

Jonathan Harchik

Jonathan Harchik, best known for creating the world’s longest video as of 2017, is an American writer, producer, and YouTube personality. He is also known to have counted to 100,000 as he recorded himself.

If we talk about his early life, from an early age, Jonathan Alan Harchik was a prominent part of several business projects. He majored in video production and graphic design and was also involved in on-campus projects.

Before becoming popular by breaking the old record for the longest video on Youtube, Jonathan developed iOS applications, made some documentaries, and created graphic animations that were also shown on TV. So now that you have an idea of ​​Jonathan’s background, let’s talk about his channel “moldytoastermedia”, his original YouTube channel which he also used to upload the longest video ever on YouTube.

longest video on youtube

Jonathan Harchik holds the record for the longest video ever made, and no one is planning on breaking it. Even though the official video has now been made private for unknown reasons, a channel named “Mac Peverik” still has a video of the 100 hour timer.

The world’s longest video created by Jonathan Harchik would take a user 596 hours to watch without speeding up or skipping. So who has that much free time to watch videos? It’s more like wasting it.

Basically, the world’s longest video is a slideshow of some blurry and out-of-focus images from the time Jonathan traveled to Chile, which lasted 23 days and 19 hours, that’s 571 hours .

Jonathan Harchik’s longest video link is not available because the original video posted by Jonathan’s channel “moldytoastermedia” is now private or unavailable, you can view the longest video currently available below.

Jonathan said that, for him, the challenge was compression as YouTube only allowed 20 GB back then. He also pointed out that the reason behind the blurriness of the images was the compression itself. “We have 15 by 15 pixels merged and that’s why it goes out of focus,” he said.

He explicitly challenged others to try and break his record, however, he categorically denies this as well.

Maximum time limit for YouTube videos

YouTube is the second most visited platform/site after Google, as many people consume over a billion hours of content every day (Facebook and Netflix combined).

So now, if you are wondering what is the ideal video length for YouTube videos, we will tell you. YouTube has changed its video length limit several times over the years. And by 2023, one can post videos of up to 15 minutes in duration. However, if you have an unverified account, this will not happen to you. Those with confirmed accounts can post videos longer than 15 minutes, and the maximum upload size must be either 256 GB or 12 hours.

Most Viewed Videos of All Time on YouTube

Below we’re going to list the 10 most viewed videos on YouTube as of 2023, along with the number of views they currently have.

Most Viewed Videos of All Time

In January 2022, ‘Baby Shark Dance’ became the first video to hit 10 billion views and has over 11 billion views as of this writing. At the 10th place is Sai’s ‘Gangman Style’.

Current status of longest videos on YouTube 2023

So far, there seems to be no sign of Jonathan Harchik’s YouTube channel “moldytoastermedia,” which he used to upload the original video of the longest video ever on YouTube. And even if you somehow manage to access the channel, it shows the video as unavailable or private for various devices.

Screenshot of the longest video ever on YouTube

So even though the longest video on YouTube has been made private, so far, a video called “100-Hour Timer Countdown – 100 Hour Video – 100h Video Countdown – 100 Stunden Timer” by the channel “Mac Paverick” was uploaded. The video is basically a 100 hour timer with an active comment section viewed by almost thousands of people. As of writing, the video has been viewed 14,879,365 times.

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Answer: As of now, “The Longest Video on YouTube – 596 Hours” by Jonathan Harchik of Moldy Toaster Media holds the record for the longest video on YouTube which is 596 hours long. This was posted in the year 2012.

Answer: How long a video can be depends on the account that will be used to post it – for unverified accounts, it’s 15 hours or less, and for verified ones, it’s 12 hours long. Could

Answer: No, there is no specific length for a video to be monetized. Different lengths work differently for different types of videos.


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