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3 Ways to Remove Wrinkles from Polyester

3 Ways to Remove Wrinkles from Polyester

Kamel Alamani

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laundry and cleaning specialist

This article was co-authored by Kamel Alamani. Kamel Alamani is a laundry and cleaning specialist and co-owner of WashiWash, a toxin-free and eco-friendly laundry and dry clean service based in Amman, Jordan. At WashiWash, Kamel and his staff use Blue Angel certified and dermatologically tested detergents. They also combine EcoClean and digital technology to provide an eco-friendly, convenient and quality cleaning service. Kamel holds a BA in Design from the University of Applied Science, Amman. This article has been viewed 90,724 times.

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Updated: February 28, 2023

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To remove wrinkles from polyester, add a gentle detergent and fabric softener to your washer and wash the garment at the temperature recommended on the tag. As soon as the cycle ends, place the item in the dryer and tumble for 15-20 minutes on the permanent press setting. Take the garment out of the dryer and hang it immediately. Wait for it to cool completely before folding or wearing it. If you’re in a hurry, you can iron the polyester. Keep the iron on the lowest temperature setting. Turn the fabric inside out and spray it with plain water until it is damp but not soaking wet. Lay it flat on an ironing board and cover it with a thin, dry towel or T-shirt. Iron the item 2-3 times, then hang it to cool and dry.

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