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3 Methods to Clear Synthetic Grass

3 Methods to Clear Synthetic Grass

Grant Wallace

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This article was co-authored by Grant Wallace. Grant Wallace is a landscaper and owner of Grantalanta Lawns in Atlanta, Georgia. With over seven years of experience, he specializes in lawn maintenance and landscape installation. In 2012, he earned his BA from the University of West Georgia. Grant has been profiled on Shoutout Atlanta, Canvas Rebel, and Voyage ATL. This article has been viewed 150,010 times.

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To clean artificial grass, hose it down once a week with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water, which will kill any bacteria that may have collected in its blades. If your grass has any stains such as coffee, wine, or ice cream, mix 1 pint of granular detergent and 1 teaspoon of water and use a cloth to rub the stain until it is gone. Once this is removed, you can wash off the detergent with a garden hose. To give your artificial grass a more natural look, brush it regularly with a broom or rake, as this will keep the grass blades upright. For more help, including using mineral spirits to remove concrete debris, read on.

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