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14 Suggestions for Wholesome Vegetation

14 Suggestions for Wholesome Vegetation

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To grow chia seeds, first soak an empty terracotta pot in a container of water for 24 hours. Meanwhile, soak 2 teaspoons (5 grams) of chia seeds in ¼ cup (60 mL) of water. After 15 minutes, stir the seeds with a spoon, then let the seeds soak for 24 hours. You may develop a gel-like layer around the seeds, which is normal and will help them stick to the pot. Once the pot is soaked, set it in a drip tray and fill it completely with fresh water. Spread the seeds evenly over the grooves on the outside of the pot. Then, place a plastic bag around the chia seeds and leave it there for 3-4 days to help retain moisture while the seeds germinate. Inflate the bag slightly or prop it up by inserting a stick into the pot’s water hole so that the plastic chia seeds don’t stick to the outside of the stomach. Place your Chia Pet in a sunny spot, such as a well-lit windowsill. Once the seeds have germinated, check the water level in the pot every day and top it off whenever it starts to drop. Empty the excess water from the drip tray daily. Rotate your pet 180° once a week to make sure all sprouts get enough sunlight. Once the sprouts are overgrown, remove them from the pet and wash the pot thoroughly with clean water and a scrubbing brush. Then, add more seeds and use it again. Keep reading for advice from our Horticulturist reviewer on how to care for your chia pet!

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