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How to Meet Strangers at Parties (With Pictures)

How to Meet Strangers at Parties (With Pictures)

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This article was co-authored by Kevin Wang. Kevin Wang is a social event specialist and the founder and CEO of Amissio, a New York City-based social app and social event platform that helps people make new connections. Kevin’s work focuses on connecting singles and new friends by hosting socials, dance classes, and speed dating events. He holds a BS in Economics from Duke University. This article has been viewed 262,867 times.

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Updated: March 7, 2023

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Talking to strangers at a party can be a little intimidating, but try to introduce yourself to someone new as soon as possible to break the ice. Look around the room and try to find someone who is sitting or standing alone, then go up to them and say hi. For example, you might say, “Hi, I’m John. My cousin is the host, but I don’t know anyone here! Can I sit with you?” If you’re more outgoing, you can try to look at the liveliest person in the room and go over to introduce yourself! Keep reading for tips from our reviewer on how to join a large group of people!

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