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How publishers can take advantage of prebid header bidding

How publishers can take advantage of prebid header bidding


As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, publishers are increasingly looking for ways to optimize their revenue streams. One of the most popular methods for achieving this goal is header bidding, which allows multiple demand sources to compete for ad inventory at once.

But using it for header bidding stands out as a particularly innovative and effective approach within the header bidding ecosystem. By allowing publishers to offer their inventory to a wide range of bidders in a streamlined and efficient manner, prebid header bidding has the potential to significantly boost revenue and help publishers stay one step ahead of the competition. There is potential.

In this blog post, we’ll learn about the efficient header bidding tool, including what it is, how it works, and why it’s growing in popularity among publishers.

Whether you’re new to the world of digital advertising or a seasoned professional looking to take your income to the next level, we’ll cover everything related to prebid header bidding and help you better understand this complex subject. .

Let us see what exactly is prebid and what benefits publishers can get.

Introduction to Prebid

Before we dive deeper into the benefits for publishers, let’s answer the question of what prebid is and how it changes the way programmatic advertising works. Prebid is a powerful open-source solution that allows digital publishers to optimize their profits from web and mobile apps using real-time auction strategies.

With PreBid, publishers can benefit from a standardized header bidding environment that includes the support of a community and an organization that strives to help publishers effectively reach their goals.

How does pre-bid help you maximize profits

PreBid provides three essential components—PreBid.js, PreBid Server, and PreBid Mobile—that work together to help publishers get the highest yield from their inventory. Understanding these instruments is critical to taking advantage of their full benefits and increasing your profits.


Prebid.js is a wrapper solution for header bidding that is open-source in nature. The solution seamlessly facilitates the implementation and management of multiple demand sources.

Through a single code integration, publishers can benefit from Prebid.JS by accessing their most profitable demand sources, optimizing load times for web pages, and increasing their overall advertising revenue. Prebid.js further empowers publishers by enabling them to take charge of auction dynamics, increased demand competition, and better inventory monetization.

prebid server

Prebid is an effective server-side solution for server header bidding that eliminates the need to manage auctions individually on users’ browsers. Instead, it facilitates easy management with just a single ad call to the prebid server, which will engage with on-demand partners and auction for the highest bid for users to seamlessly view.

With a seamless integration process, Prebid Server not only enhances website visibility but also optimizes auction performance in real-time, which is beneficial to publishers.

prebid mobile

It is a comprehensive software development kit designed to facilitate header bidding on Android and iOS devices. This SDK is open-source and allows easy integration with multiple mobile demand partners, provides access to an array of ad formats and compatibility with prebid servers.

Prebid Mobile makes it easier and faster than ever to boost revenue on mobile platforms, and that is why it is widely used.

Multiple Benefits of Prebid

Now that we know what prebid is, let’s look at how publishers can take advantage of its benefits and enjoy a more profitable journey.

increase revenue

Typically, websites can expect to earn between $5-50 from ads per 1000 views. It’s also worth mentioning that publishers can expect to earn at least 68% of ad revenue, so it’s clear that if you have the traffic and follow a winning strategy, you can make serious headway.

Using prebid header bidding can help you with this, which can lead to a substantial increase in publisher earnings through the establishment of a more competitive bidding environment. By enabling multiple demand sources to bid on ad inventory simultaneously, publishers can achieve increased bids and more efficient fill rates, ultimately resulting in increased revenue.

increased transparency

Prebid header bidding promotes transparency in the advertising ecosystem by allowing publishers to view authentic bids from various demand sources. This transparency helps publishers make informed decisions about the advertisers they choose to partner with, which in turn helps remove middlemen and provide greater control over the ad-serving process.

low latency

Incorporating the prebid wrapper into the header bidding workflow can result in a more seamless process, as it helps streamline the bidding process by reducing non-essential steps. This optimized workflow can translate into faster bid response times as bids are processed more efficiently. Additionally, employing prebid wrappers can also help reduce latency—which is the delay between the moment a user requests a page and when it loads on their browser.

multiple channel support

With prebid solutions, with header bidding, publishers can monetize their inventory across a wide variety of devices, including desktop, mobile, and in-app offerings. By doing so, publishers can increase their advertising revenue across multiple platforms and screens.

better demand management

Prebid for header bidding gives publishers comprehensive control over demand sources, allowing them to effectively manage their demand partners. Publishers can set rules and optimize demand sources based on performance, resulting in better demand management and better revenue results.

better user experience

It is designed to be efficient and lightweight to minimize page load time and impact on user experience. Combined with asynchronous loading, parallel bid requests, and other optimization techniques, Prebid reduces latency and ensures faster ad rendering, providing a better user experience for website and app visitors.

data-driven decision-making

The Related Header Bidding tool provides publishers with valuable data and insights, such as bid rates, win rates and performance metrics, that can be used to optimize their ad operations. This data-driven approach enables publishers to make informed decisions and optimize their advertising strategies for better results.

solution limits

One of the primary limitations of Prebid is the lack of support for troubleshooting. In the event of technical issues or challenges, no formal support is provided. However, with the wealth of resources available on the Internet, it is now easily possible to find answers and solutions.

In addition, multiple solutions must be configured and enabled simultaneously, and ad campaigns must be thoroughly tested and optimized. Without the guidance and advice of an experienced professional, starting header bidding on your own can be a daunting task. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the availability of technical resources before implementing the prebid. You can find tons of resources on Prebid.org to help you better understand how everything really works.


Prebid header bidding provides many benefits for publishers, including enhanced revenue, improved transparency, diverse demand sources, enhanced user experience, flexibility, easy implementation, cross-device monetization and informed decision making based on data insights. It is a powerful tool that enables publishers to optimize their advertising operations and maximize their revenue.

It should come as no surprise that Prebid has gained popularity among publishers in the digital advertising industry. It can be a valuable addition to a publisher’s advertising strategy, unlocking new revenue opportunities and better results. However, it is essential to thoroughly evaluate and test different header bidding solutions to determine the best fit for your specific goals and needs.

Consulting with industry experts and partners can provide valuable insight and guidance, ensuring you can make informed decisions and maximize the benefits of prebid header bidding. It is important to recognize that the digital advertising landscape is constantly evolving, and staying informed and adaptable is essential to achieving success.




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