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easy methods to crochet a magic ring

easy methods to crochet a magic ring

A magic ring is an adjustable starting round used to crochet amigurumi patterns, granny squares, and other patterns worked in the round. You can make either a standard magic ring or a double magic ring, which will give your project extra durability. If you have difficulties with the magic ring, however, there are some alternatives you can use instead.


[Edit]standard magic ring

  1. Make a loop with your yarn. You’ll need to loop the yarn around your fingers so that the yarn you’re working with, or the end attached to the large ball, is on the right, while the “tail” of the yarn is on the left.[1]
  2. Insert hook through loop. Slide the crochet hook from right to left under both pieces of yarn.
    • Use the tip of the hook to grab a section of yarn from the working end (ball end) of the yarn.
  3. Pull the thread through the ring. Pull the portion of yarn you just grabbed through the loop to make another loop on your hook.[2]
    • Note that this does not count as your first stitch.
  4. chain stitch. Chain as many chain stitches as the pattern requires.
    • Your chain size depends on how big you want your ring to be. If you’re making something like a granny square, make your chain longer all the way around.[3]
  5. Cast on your first row of stitches in the ring.
  6. Pull the end of the yarn. Hold the working end of the yarn taut as you gently pull down on the tail end. As you do this, the stitches should close together in the center, completing your magic ring.
  7. Slip stitch into the first stitch. To close this round and begin the rest of your pattern, slip stitch into the first stitch of your ring and move on to the next round.

[Edit]double magic ring

  1. Wrap the yarn twice around the fingers of your left hand. Instead of making a single loop as you would with a standard magic ring, you will need to make two loops. The tail should be on the right side of the back, while the working thread should be facing your palm.[4]
    • Note that this is very similar to the standard magic ring, but many prefer the double ring for projects that will see a bit more action because a double magic ring provides more durability.
    • You should wrap the loop around the first two fingers of your non-dominant hand.
  2. Pull up one loop. Slide your crochet hook under the two loops of your double ring closest to your fingers. Grab the working end of the yarn and pull it back to the right side, forming a loop on the hook.
    • Even though you are making a double ring, you will only need to make one loop on the crochet hook. The “double” part mainly stems from the double loop you made at the beginning of the process. Most of the rest of the steps are similar to the steps you would use for a standard magic ring.
  3. Make a starting chain. Grab the working end of the yarn and pull it through the loop currently on your hook, making a single chain stitch.
    • You’ll usually need one starting chain for a single stitch pattern, two for a half double pattern, two or three for a double pattern, and four for a triple pattern.
  4. Pull the ring off your index finger.
  5. Crochet as many stitches as needed. According to your pattern instructions, cast on as many stitches as you need for the first round.
  6. Pull on the tail to tighten the loop.
    • You may not be able to close both rings. He is alright; Only one needs to be closed.
  7. Finish the round by working a slip stitch into the first stitch of the round and connect it to the next round.

[Edit]alternate option

  1. Make slip knots.
    • While your initial slip stitch is adjustable, the final ring will not be, so it is important that you make as tight and closed a loop as possible by making tight, even stitches.
    • Use this as a substitute if you’re having trouble making a magic ring.
  2. Give peace Crochet two chain stitches.
  3. Insert your first round into the second stitch from the hook. Work your crochet hook through the second stitch away from the hook, which is also the first stitch you made, and make your first round, completely in that stitch.
  4. Slip stitch into the first stitch. To close this round and begin the rest of your pattern, slip stitch into the first stitch of your ring and move on to the next round.
    • Note that this ring is not as adjustable as the magic ring, but it will give you the crocheted rounds you need for your pattern, and you may find it easier to make.

[Edit]additional elective options

  1. Make slip knots. Pull taut to make a loop on your hook.
    • Note that this method is another option if you are having trouble making an actual magic ring. While this initial slip stitch is adjustable, the final ring will not be.
    • This method may be better suited for patterns that use double stitch, while the other alternate methods mentioned in this article are better suited for single stitch patterns.
  2. Chain four.[5] Crochet a chain of four chain stitches to make the starting chain.
  3. Slip stitch into first chain made. Slip stitch into the first chain stitch you made, or the fourth stitch currently off the hook.
    • You should end up with one loop on your crochet hook.
    • Note that this will form a ring, but since this ring is quite open, you will need to add more stitches to help it close more.
  4. chain. Chain as many chain stitches as you need for your pattern in the first round, using the same method you used to make the other four.
  5. Place your first stitch in the middle of the ring. All stitches from your first round (except the chain stitches you just cast on) should go into the ring.
  6. Slip stitch into third chain stitch.
    • pull the tail tight


[Edit]Things you’ll need

  • Croatia
  • Thread


  • Video provided by Bella Coco

[Edit]quick summary

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